Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR – Best Android TV Box 2019

Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR is a latest iteration of Xiaomi’s popular android TV box and finally its international. You can directly find it in United States and in Amazon.

This android TV box will be able to do more so, with this you can install any app from the play store such as games. There is more versatility at very similar price which has made it best seller already.

It could be a best Android TV box 2019. The interesting thing is it has built-in Chromecast software so it recognized as Chromecast if you plugin to a TV.

So it can still share your screen or a YouTube video and send it to the TV.

It is also 4k Chromecast so you will get Ultra HD. Box S also support Google assistance so you can do voice searches. It comes with voice remote so you don’t have to type on keyboard.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Design and specs

The design is little bit different from previous version. It comes with quad core processor, 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM which is not upgraded. However the software is upgraded now running in android 8.1 having Google play services, supporting 4k HDR content.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Ports


As you know the package included Mi Box s, beneath it you will find quick start guide book. Other accessories including a propriety charger, HDMI cable, and the voice search remote.

If we compare it with previous version, the Mi Box S is more squarer. The ports are same only their places are replaced with each other.

It is well constructed sleek and slim device.

Xiaomi Mi Box S AccessoriesXiaomi Mi Box S Remote

Remote does also feature a 5 way navigation toggle and there is also a standard android menu.

The other buttons are standard android menu, back key, volume controls.

The top features that built-in microphone preceding through initial setup, it tells us to have the remote to be pretty close to knee box and select OK.

After which case you will connect it using Bluetooth you will hear a beep that means it is in pairing process.

It’s now set up and now you can transfer the content from an account.

If you have android phone or tablet so you can login with that and sync it with so you need to open up the Google app on you phone which comes pre-installed and then you would just select the Mi Box from the list.

On the main UI you will find the top here features assistant on the left hand corner that’s where we can try searching for anything on the internet.

The top right side we have the clock, we also have settings that we can navigate through. The remote itself seems to be quite responsive it’s using Bluetooth so you don’t have to be pointing directly at the box.

You can have a distance of up to 10 meters or 33 feet so as long as you are within a room or two you can be pointing anywhere and it will so be responsive.

We have over here some channels including Netflix which is built-in by default, you can also launch that using just a Netflix key on the remote and also HBO, Starz, ESPN, YouTube, CBS, Vudu and more that you can add over.

We also have some audio services like spotify and we can also customize channels to add even more content as separate rows.

The remote is not backlit so, it a little bit harder to see it in the dark.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Remote


The interface here is very clean oversized keys for changing the volume and skipping or scrubbing browser here.

Interface looks like to Chrome directly just like with YouTube browsing is swift and responsive.

You can open multiple tabs with out browser slowing down.

Final verdict

This is the best budget Android TV box 2019 as it supports 4k HDR content. There is integrated Google support so we have Google assistant search key. You can launch a Netflix really quickly. Performance is really snappy and fast despite the fact that the hardware hasn’t seen much of an upgrade but if all you are doing is streaming you will be very satisfied.

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