‘World War Z’ updates to add horde mode and a new zombie

Today, it is reported that Saber Interactive has proclaimed that they are going to release a post-launch schedule for World War Z. This game was released back in April, it is a cooperative third-person shooter game. At the beginning of this current month, all players will be able to access a new mission, that will be set in Tokyo.

The players will have to compete with zombies, that can eject deadly viruses and resurrect. Later on, in June, the developer will add some new size-skull difficult settings. The players will be awarded some bonuses and rewards in response to their achievements.

From July onward, the players will be getting some new weekly challenges, new cosmetics, and other items. However, some more updates will be there in the future. Saber Interactive is also working on various new features including wave base survival mode. 

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Through this feature, you will be able to join numerous private lobbies. Moreover, you will also have an option for switching classes during Player versus Player Versus Zombie mode. 

This video game is inspired by a novel named as classic 2006 zombie written by Max Brooks. At its launch on April 16th, this video game has received a lot of success. According to reports, more than one million copies of World War Z were sold out in the first week of its launch.

The platforms like PC, PS4 and Xbox One have recorded a huge sale in the first week. The game gained much success in the UK, it just outnumbered the well known FIFA 19 and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.


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