The North Face ThermoBall Review

  • Comfortable
  • Keeps you Warm
  • Two Side Pockets
  • A stow pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to carry
  • More than 40 colors
  • Well distributed ThermoBall insulation
  • Good design

  • The 15D shell fabric is thin
  • Not for serious outdoor use
  • The jacket fits big and boxy people

The North Face ThermoBall Review

north face thermoball USARecently we have reviewed some best outdoor mattress for camping, check out here. Now its time to move on and look for some jackets. Today, I am going to review a jacket, which has a lot of stunning features, that will amaze you. I am talking about The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket for men and women. It weighs 330 grams only. We will find out whether The North Face will emphasize more on this product, materials, usage, and colors. We will try to explore each and everything about this jacket. Generally, we can say that it is a high-quality jacket and its external cushioned jacket gives it a classic look. Most importantly, it comes in synthetic insulation known as ThermoBall. ThermoBall is developed by The North Force and PrimaLoft. You might have experienced that most of the jackets are does not feature ThermoBall.

  • Thermoball™ synthetic insulation has the warmth equivalent of 600-fill down
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Internal elastic cuffs
  • Hem cinch-cord system in hand pockets
  • Stows in hand pocket


The North Face ThermoBall is really a versatile jacket, you can put it on in -10 degrees Celsius temperature. At this temperature, it will keep you warm and safe from cold. It is a warm jacket. Moreover, it will not make you overheat and will let you feel ease rather than putting it off during cold weather.

It provides high-quality breathability. Let us just explore more about its features. In this jacket, the company has managed to distribute ThermoBall insulation really well. In numerous other down jackets, the synthetic insulation is filled separately in different Small pods.

The synthetic insulation adjustment in these jackets plays a key role in keeping end-user warm. Due to the use of synthetic, it weighs much less as compared to other jackets. And, it is the best match for those, who want to stay active in cold weather. Thanks to the use of synthetic insulation, this jacket dries faster than any other jacket. Moreover, it capable of keeping you warm even if it is wet. Therefore, it is considered as the best jacket to be used in rain or wet conditions.

The use of insulation again helps a lot in the closing of the zipper, as it tightens up collar really comfortably around your neck. Which in result saves inner surface from rain and snow. The inner surface of sleeves contains elastic cuffs, that allows sleeves to remain tight around your arm. Therefore, all these features make this jacket suitable for outdoor use. Even during low temperature it will keep you warm and allows you to move freely. You can also use it for daily use but you need to wear it under any hardshell jacket or rain jacket.

The North Face ThermoBall contains two side pockets containing zips as well. The zipper handles are nicely sized and well constructed. Due to good design and build of zipper handles, we can grab them easily while wearing gloves or mittens. Furthermore, there are drawstrings located inside these two side pockets. Through these drawstrings, you can adjust the size of the jacket either keep it loose or tight accordingly. One of them is a stow pocket. Which means that you can take off the jacket easily if you do not want to wear it. It is to be noted that this jacket does not include any type of hood. Therefore, in rainy or snowy weather, it is not suitable to wear this jacket.


North face Thermoball USA

This jacket contains only synthetic material. The shell is made up of 100% Nylon and the inside filling contains 100% Polyester. The company uses ThermoBall insulation just to provide loft and warmness to users. It is a power resistant. Due to its synthetic insulation, it dries up rapidly and very easily. Bluesign approved fabric has been added to this ThermoBall jacket. Which indicates that this jacket is completely free of any harmful substances, which is one of the main things, most users would like to have. As the synthetic insulation weighs less, therefore, this jacket weighs around 330 grams. Which makes this jacket comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, you can easily pack it up in its own pocket. It is a cruelty-free jacket as it is one of the important aspects a lot of people keep in view while purchasing jackets, clothes, shoes or any other cosmetic.

Women’s Version:

Noth face Thermoball Women USA

As of now, we have briefly described the features and materials used in men’s version. Now, we are going to explore more about women’s wear. The women’s version of this jacket is quite similar to that of men’s version. It has the same specifications but it is different in design. Its design is suitable for a woman as it has a slim waist and an elegant look. There is a slight difference between quilting of men’s version and women’s version. In men’s version, the quilting is in small squares or pods and in women’s version it is in a diamond shape. Everything else including zippers, logos, and pockets are similar to those in men’s version.

Color Selection:

Noth face Thermoball Colors USAThe North Face ThermoBall jacket’s women version is also different in color and size as well. This jacket comes in 40 different colors for both versions. Therefore, there will be a lot of colors in front of you and you can select any one of them according to your choice. As well as it comes in different prints with different color combinations.

Men’s Version Color:

Noth face Thermoball men USA

These are the colors that are available for men: TNF Black/Monster Blue, Sedona Sage Grey, Cosmic Blue Brush Stroke, Urban Navy, Bomber Blue, Cosmic Blue, Valencia Orange, High Rise Grey/Asphalt Grey, Moonstruck Grey Mineral print, Snorkel Blue, Asphalt Grey, Laurel Wreath Green Cirrus Print, Spruce Green, Black Ink Green, Moonlight Blue, Spruce Green Floral Camo Print and many more.

Women’s Version Color:

Noth face Thermoball Women Colors USASimilarly, the following colors are available for women: Patriot Blue, Starry Purple, High Rise Grey, Asphalt Grey, Cerise Pink, Clear Lake Blue, Kokomo Green, Surf Green, Luminous Pink, TNF Black, Melon Red, Metallic Silver, TNF Black Floral Crystal, Mid Grey, Cool Blue, Rose Red, TNF Black/Budding Green, Coastal Fjord Blue and several others. Of course, beauty is measured by use of colors but here its design is beautiful as well. Its design is very casual. Moreover, it does not match with any other typical sports jacket or heavy winter jacket.

In the case of women’s version, The North Face ThermoBall jacket has two small logos only. One logo on the front and the other one on the back. Everything else is color and prints. You can wear this jacket for almost every occasions and in several places. As a result, it just overcomes your expense by half. So, it might be hard for you to select your favorite color with good design. As the company is offering a lot of exciting colors and prints. Hence, it is suggested that you should take time before buying anything.

Final Verdict:

The North Face’s ThermoBall Jacket is definitely a durable and top quality jacket. It is lightweight and keeps you warm even in -10 degrees Celsius temperature. It is really a standalone jacket. As it has fantastic features that allow it to stay tight around your body. It is really well designed and its synthetic insulation is just awesome. All of its features make this jacket really comfortable and versatile. As compared to its competitors, this jacket has ThermoBall insulation. The wide range of colors allows you to select the best color and different prints are also there to catch your interest.

This jacket is so versatile that you can use it anywhere, whether walking in a street with your friend or while hiking. It is just awesome to have this jacket. Moreover, you can use it in a meeting as well. Just to clear your doubt about its security and fund return, this jacket comes with a Lifetime warranty. The company just ensures to protect its users from any mishap and also guarantees a quality product. It is really durable, hence, you can use it for many years. Here, we are ending up with a good review of top quality product available in the market. Therefore, we recommend you to buy it, if you are looking for a top quality jacket. We can consider it as best jacket ever we have reviewed till now.

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