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Google formally informed their introduction into the gaming industry. With Google Stadia, they have declared their intent to be a major force in the market and while there is something that they haven’t yet shared with us, such as pricing for one. There was plenty that they did share. Here in this feature will be compiling the fifteen biggest talking points from the unveiling of Google Stadia.

What is all about?

Google Stadia

Rather than being a platform that’s all about games, Stadia is instead looking to expand its horizons. Not that it’s not about the games, but it’s also about the developers, streamers, and those who play games themselves. That was a major through-line throughout the entire unveiling.

Not a box

Google Stadia

Something else that Google is very adamant on Stadia is not a box it is not a console it’s a platform that runs on cloud streaming and can run on anything from your laptop to your computer, to your phone, your tablet, your Chromecast, your TV, you get the gist.

How it works

Google Stadia

That’s how it exactly does it works well it works the way that it expects such a large scale cloud-based operations at work. Google has over 7500 nodes across the globe that it will be used to run any and all games available on the service/platform. Which will be streamed directly to your screen. The controller, you can use stadia with any controller you have is what Google has said. They haven’t gone into the specifics of course but we assume that means all major console controllers will work. But Google has, of course, built its own controller as well. The points of the controller that seems to be that some of Stadia’s most integral features and social connectivity, which will get into them in a bit are accessible only through this controller.

Stadia games and Entertainment

Google Stadia

But of course no service of any real interest regardless of what impressive technologies it uses or doesn’t use. Until it has the games that control in a crowd. For this purpose, Google has set up its own first-party development division. Stadia games entertainment, led by industry veteran Jade Raymond.


Google Stadia

So where exactly do Stadia launch? While Google hasn’t talked about the specific release date, they did confirm that Sadia would be going live this year itself. The services will initially available in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. So, it is not a worldwide launch.

4k + 60fps

Google Stadia

Streaming your games to your screens at 1080p and 60 frames per second is the minimum Stadia will be aiming for but of course, Google has confirmed that it will be capable of more than that. 4k and 60fps support have been confirmed while Google also mentioned that 8k support is also coming in their own words. In fact, 8k is inevitable

Dev Support

Google Stadia

So what expect to play on Stadia, when it launches. Assassin’s creed Odyssey has been confirmed as has Doom Eternal. In fact, it will run at 4k and 60fps. Beyond Ubisoft and its software, tequila works developers of Rime and Japanese developer Q games will also be supporting the platform. There will be more games added to the list of course but so far these are the ones that have been formally announced.


Google Stadia

There is no box as far as stadia is concerned, which means it will be doing its computing on hardware in Google’s service tax. So, what are these specs of each unit of these service stacks? Quite impressive. Actually, they have a custom AMD GPU with 10.7 teraflops of power. HBM to the memory and 56 compute units. Their CPU uses a custom x86 processor with a clock speed of 2.7 gigahertz and an AV x2 sim D. The memory specs are quite impressive as well. With the 16 gigabytes of total RAM a bandwidth up to 484 gigabytes per second. A 9.5 megabyte l2 plus l3 cache along with SSD storage.

Crowd Play

Google Stadia

And here we get into the social streaming centric aspects of Stadia. Which very much seem to be among its biggest focuses. Crowd play is chief among those which is essentially a feature that allows you to jump into a stream you are watching and then play with the feature. This will happen through a section in the Youtube UI. That will allow you to signup to do so. At which point you will be put into a queue based lobby to play with the streamer.

Cross Play

Google Stadia

Google Stadia will, of course, all will be enabled with cross-platform play, which seems to be in line with the platforms social focus and connectivity features. We can assume that it includes PC and mobile devices. While Microsoft and Nintendo also seem like a safe bet. Sony well you can never tell with them.

Stream Connect

Google Stadia

It is another feature that emphasizes the social elements of gaming though in a much more localized form. To be clear we are talking about local split-screen co-op here. Each player section of the screen will essentially be treated as a separate Stadia instance. Which hypothetically means, no sacrifices to image or framerate quality

Style transfer

Google Stadia

The three-pronged approach of Google Stadia is to focus on streamers viewers and developers. The bit that focuses on the latter is style transfer. Through machine learning style transfer will allow developers to automatically and quickly apply new textures, backgrounds arts and more to environments within games at moments notice hypothetically at least.

Youtube Connectivity

Google Stadia

Integration with youtube is, of course, to be expected but what surprising is how far Google says is going to go just like crowd play. The YouTube UI will also receive a new addition that will allow you to go to official videos of games supported in Stadia and simply click a button in the video itself will jump right into the game. Google claims the entire process takes no more than 5 seconds.

Google Assistant

Google Stadia

Youtube connectivity, however, won’t just be limited to playing games. While you are playing games and you find you need to check a walkthrough or guide. All you need to do is use Google assistance, which automatically gives you the top results on YouTube for your search. Watch the guide on the same device you are playing on, then switch back to the game and you are all good to go.

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