Sports Shoes for Women Adidas Original Running NMD R1

Sports Shoes for Women Adidas

Women Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas Original Running NMD R1

Adidas producing high quality Sports Shoes for Women professional athletes.

The quality of almost all the Women Adidas Original Running shoes are superb.

Adidas has a number of products specifically designed for women including shoes.

Adidas Originals Women’s NMD R1 W Pk Running Shoes are particularly designed for women.

As the name of these shoes suggests, these shoes are basically for running.

As women’s feet are a lot softer when compared to men’s feet so it is only fair to have a separate sports shoe line for women. View on Amazon

Adidas Women’s NMD R1 USA

Women Adidas Original Running Shoes

These running shoes are perfect for women athletes and other women who run or jog in the morning.

The material used in the fabrication of these shoes is durable and 100% synthetic.

The design of these running shoes made of imported material is very appealing.

Thin and mesh exterior of these running shoes allows air to pass through the shows and prevents sweating.

The Original Running Shoes have a straight design with a short neck.

The whole front exterior of each shoe is made of mesh material with on leather or fabric patches.

The sides of the shoes feature fabric material. View on Amazon

Women Running Shoes Adidas

Women Running NMD R1 Shoes

This design on the sides of the shoes made of fabric material seems stylish.

The inner and outer borders of the shoes have perfect stitching.

You will find a leather patch on the back side of each shoe to protect it from any external damage.

The laces of the shoes are short and resilient.

The internal cushioning is enough to provide fair comfort to the feet.

There is no extra padding on the inside of the NMD R1 Shoes to protect your feet if any heavy object falls on your feet. However, the main purpose of these shoes is running which still fulfills without the extra padding. View on Amazon

Best Women Running Shoes

Running NMD R1 Shoes for Women

There is enough cushioning in the heel for a comfortable run.

The PrimeKnit of Adidas completely wraps the feet to provide the best comfort to the feet while running.

The outsole of the shoes is very thick and crack-proof.

The outsole is thicker in the heel area and the thickness decreases gradually towards the front of the shoe which gives it a smooth look.

The bottom of the outsoles has a fairly smooth pattern with very thin bumps which are perfect for running on the ground or on the running machine in the gym. You will find a molded rubber patch on the side of each shoe on which the Adidas logo is printed.

This grey color patch seems a little odd but does not affect the graceful look of these shoes. View on Amazon

Which is best running shoes for women

Adidas Sports Shoes for Women

You will spot another black-colored molded TPU heel patch on the outer side of each shoe.

This patch protects the foot from accidental side collision with some heavy objects.

The overall rating of these running shoes is great. You would certainly love to try these running shoes. Grey-colored shoes with white outsoles look great.

These shoes in full white color look even beautiful. These shoes are also available in different combinations of colors.


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