SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Review

SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Review:

During hot summer days, you do not want to go out for a trip or you do not want to travel without any sun protection. Obviously, you won’t go without using any sun protector. I am not talking about skin protectors. This time, I will be discussing the eye protector. Yes, we will discuss the sunglasses. In this article, we will have a detailed review of the SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses.

SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Productsrace

These lenses are manufactured by SOJOS. The company has been providing top quality beauty products for years. Most of the time, SOJOS comes with sunglasses. Because the company develops its products that suits every person. SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses features a UV400 protected lens, a metal based frame along with reinforced metal hinges.

Key Feature:

Let us talk about some exciting key features of SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses:

  1. SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses contains a metal frame, mirrored lens and it is nonpolarized.
  2. The width of the lens is 56 mm.
  3. It features anti-glare lenses. Which have the ability to block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiations.
  4. The UV400 lenses help protect your eyes from long term UV damage.
  5. The metal frame used in these lenses is unbreakable.
  6. It features colorful flash mirrored reflective UV 400 lens along with solid metal hinges.
  7. It is perfect for walking, traveling, driving shopping, etc.
  8. Top quality material and soft silicone nose pads made these lenses high-end eyewear.
  9. These lenses are lightweight.


SOJOS names are derived from the Spanish word “OJOS”. Obviously, there is numerous eyewear of different brands available in the market. Some having high price tags with top quality material and some low-end cheap eyewear. The company proclaims that SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lens is perfect eyewear for outdoor purposes.

For instance, you can wear it while driving, walking, taking photos, traveling, shopping, etc. Because its design makes much more unique than other products of the same category. These lenses feature soft silicon nose pads, which probably fit every nose shape. SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses contains a registered sA106 Brand item but with 106 shades.

SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Productsrace

It provides UV400 protection for your eyes. These lenses have the ability to block all UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. The packing of these lenses comes with a soft microfiber pouch, soft glasses cloth and exquisite packaging. It does not mean that a product with a high price tag is of top quality. JOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses comes in different variants.

It comes in different mirror colors with different styles.  If we talk about the dimensions of this product. The lens width is 56 mm, the lens height is 51mm, its temple length is 145mm and the lens nose bridge is 20mm respectively. SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses comes with 30 days of money back guarantee. Whereas, the company provides a Breakage warranty of 360 days for this product. The company claims that in case of any broken issue, you should contact its support for repair or for replacement.

Final Verdict:

SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses is a good product for those, who love to travel around different places in hot summer days. The company has used top quality material for this product. These are anti-glare lenses, which protect your eyes from UVA and UVB radiations. You can avail these lenses on Amazon for $12.99.

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