Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications What We Know About it

This is all we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the different models of the South Korean company that we will see officially in little more than a month in the Galaxy Unpacked event to be held in San Francisco.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2019. The Samsung terminal will be one of the high-end phones that we will see in the coming weeks and one of the first in its segment to be launched this year. Because there are a few days left for its official presentation, leaks have occurred over the last few weeks that could indicate what the Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like.

The leaks are a constant in the world of technology and video games. Many people have access to devices before their official presentation, therefore they go through many hands from conceptualization to manufacturing, through design, but there is always someone who escapes some feature of the terminal.

Until recently we expected the Galaxy S10 to be a kind of Samsung Galaxy A8s, with the hole on the screen to house the front camera, but after the last leaks, we are not so sure. So that you have all the information in one place, we will collect the best-directed leaks. This is all we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Top of the range power

We start with what is the most obvious filtration, that of power. However, it seems that there is no doubt about it, since the Galaxy S10, like the Galaxy S9, will have two processor versions. The Snapdragon 855 of Qualcomm will give life to the American terminals, being the Exynos 9820, the new SoC of Samsung, and the heart of the Galaxy S10 in the rest of territories.

In terms of performance, we have already seen a comparison between the Galaxy S10 with Snapdragon 855 and the Exynos, and just yesterday leaked a new performance test of the Samsung terminal with the Qualcomm chip and 6 GB of RAM.

Various versions of Samsung Galaxy S10

Speaking of processor versions, it seems that we will also have different versions of Galaxy S10 because of the rumors about the various versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 go back to September when we told you that, apparently, there would be four models:

a) Samsung Galaxy S10
b) Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
c) Samsung Galaxy S10 ” lite ”
d) Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G

Each of the models would have different characteristics, but it is estimated that they all share the Super AMOLED screen and the design lines, although the photographic section would be the one that marked the appearance in the front and behind each of the terminals.

Galaxy S10 and Bright Night cameras

We still do not know if the Galaxy S10 will have artificial intelligence to improve the result of photographs in general, as does the Mate 20 Pro, for example, with its recognition of scenes. What has leaked is that Samsung would have a technology called Bright Night, which would allow better night shots.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Because the design of the Galaxy S10 is something that has given to talk about these last weeks. A few months ago, everything pointed to that, as we tell you a few lines, the Galaxy S10 would have a simple hole on the screen for models with a single front camera, and a double hole for models with a double front camera.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the unknowns will be the launch and price of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, we do not have many clues here. In other words, four different models, are going to have a price that can be started from $ 700, but the last generations for, at least with the model ” cheap ”, try to compete in a market increasingly saturated.

What we could know is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X, the terminal with 5G that, precisely, would not be cheap. The CEO of OnePlus warned before about the price increase of the terminals with 5G so to the new technology will be 300 dollars in an estimate of their own, therefore these last few hours have filtered that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X will be about 1,600 dollars.

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