Original Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes Review

Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes Review

 Blue Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes

Nike has one of the best shoes collection for sports. A comfortable and durable pair of shoes is very important for a sportsman. Nike Hyperdunk X Shoes are one of the best pair of shoes for basketball players. The design of these basketball shoes is great. Mesh design exterior of these shoes is very reliable. This mesh design allows air to pass through the shoes. Air flow through the shoes prevents the feet from sweating. The imported material of these shoes is robust. The insoles on the shoes are made of soft and durable fabric. The insoles do not hurt your feet at all. You will find the insoles perfectly soft and comfortable on your feet. The inside of the shoes has good enough cushioning to safeguard your feet from any external forceful collision of the shoes with a hard surface.

Multi Color Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes

Nike Hyperdunk X Outlook

Neck of the soes is comparatively large to protect your ankles during an accidental fall while playing. The heel of the shoes has got Zoom Air units for comfortability and protection. The shoe laces are soft and strong. The outsoles of the shoes are made of heavy-duty material. The outsoles of the shoes are designed to provide the best experience to a sportsperson. The outsole material is thick and crack-proof. After using these shoes even for a long time you will not find the outsoles weary. The pattern of the outsole bottom is specially designed for a basketball court. As the basketball court floor seems smooth and slippery so ordinary shoes cannot be used on the slippery floor. A sportsperson could lose equilibrium in ordinary shoes and fall down resulting in a severe injury.

white Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes

Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes Designed

This is the reason Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Basketball shoes are particularly designed for basketball players. The pattern carved on the bottom of these shoes provides a perfect grip on the slippery floor of the basketball court. Even though these shoes are specifically designed for basketball players, these are stylish enough to wear casually. Of course, these are not office shoes. But these shoes are comfortable enough to wear normally if you are going out with friends or on an informal occasion. You will find the elegant Nike logo on a separate rubber patch on the outer side of each show.

Red Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoes

The Signature Logo of Nike

The placement of the logo seems great. Nike logo is also printed on the main body of the shoes which you will spot on the inner side of each shoe. You will also find a fabric strip under the laces on which “Hyperdunk” is printed. A leather patch on the back of each shoe prevents the stitching of the shoes from dismantling. However, the inner borders of the shoes are soft enough which does not hurt your feet. The shoes are not that heavy as the lightweight material is used in their fabrication. The overall quality and performance of these shoes are outclassed. You will certainly love to own such a great pair of shoes. These shoes are available in different color combinations.

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