PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass Leak: New Skins, Weapons & Much More

One of the most popular game, PUBG mobile is receiving a lot of success since its release. It is expected that it will equal the success rate of Fortnite in the near future. According to reports, PUBG has more than 30 million active players per day and approximately 200 million downloads in the Play Store as well as App Store.

Previously, the company has released the Prime and Prime Plus Subscription options in PUBG mobile season 6. Which allows the players to buy any of the plans according to their choice. Along with these new options, the season 6 came up with the latest weapon, G36C. G36C is a carbine-type assault rifle that has replaced the SCAR-L on the Vikendi map.

The G36C has an ability to fire almost 5.56 bullets in automatic mode. It has the ability to do 43 points of damage. Additionally, the player can now avail the new three-wheeled Rickshaw as well. In the game, the Rickshaw is given the name “Tukshai”. Maximum of 3 persons can fit in Tukshai and it replaces Mini Bus, the Dacia and Jeep on the Sanhok map.

As of now, season 6 of PUBG mobile is going to end very soon. Obviously, season 7 will take place of it. According to reports, the new season will be here in upcoming weeks, probably on May 16. The current season came up with a lot of new exciting things like new weapons, skins and much more. Apparently, players are waiting badly for the upcoming season 7.

A Reddit user named u/H4rD_Army has posted some leaks. He has just provided information about the upcoming Season 7 Royale Pass of PUBG mobile. According to the leak, season 7 will contain the Skorpian along with the addition of Companion Pet. It is to be noted that players were expecting this new feature in the previous season of PUBG mobile.

It seems that game developers, Tencent, is determined to release Companion Pet in the upcoming season 7 Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile. You all may know that skins and outfits are considered as one of the most important features of PUBG mobile. It is possible that the company might surprise us with some more exciting features.

The rumors suggest that season 7 Royals Pass of PUBG mobile might feature almost 9 outfits and dresses including 1 Mythic Item, 4 Legendary items, 3 Epic, and a common item. If we go into further details posted by this leak, the upcoming season 7 Royal Pass of PUBG mobile will contain 2 Pan skins, 2 Parachute skins, 2 Backpack skins, 1 Helmet Skin, 1 Plane Skin, 2 Car Skins, and 2 new emotes as well. Moreover, we can expect gun skins in the upcoming season 7 Royal Pass of PUBG mobile.

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