‘Pokemon Masters’ brings old trainers together in one mobile game.

During the Pokemon conference in Japan, the game developers, DNA has released the mystery Pokemon mobile game and named it as Pokemon Masters.

In the press conference, the game developers did not reveal much about the latest Pokemon Masters game. But, the reason behind the development of this game is to bring all the characters of the Pokemon games at one platform.

It is the first pokemon game of is kind. However, a  short gameplay trailer has been a part of that press conference. In that trailer, all the characters from past Pokemon games including Blue, Brock, Musty, and Cynthia along with their signature Pokemon.

The Pokemon Masters games constitute three versus three battle. In the battle, players will team up with two other trainers to take one other three players. You will be able to control the Pokemon where you will be able to use items or attack.

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Pokemon Masters will be released sometime in 2019. Moreover, once the release date is confirmed, we will get back to you with more information about this game. Earlier in May, DeNA proclaimed that it is going to collaborate with The Pokemon Company for launching the latest Pokemon mobile game to the market.

Using a Nintendo franchise, Pokemon Masters is yet another game by DeNA. Back in March 2015, DeNA had announced its partnership with Nintendo. Both the companies have released Super Mario Run together. It is expected that both companies are looking forward to releasing their most awaited games Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as well as Mario Kart Tour later this year.

This is for the first time DeNA has collaborated with a popular franchise for the release of untitled Pokemon. Games like Pokemon Duel, Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Quest, Magikarp Jump, and Pokemon Go were developed and designed by numerous other companies. It is reported that Pokemon Masters will be here for both Android and iOS users later this year.