One of the most popular areas in ‘Fortnite’ is no more

The well-known PC game, of course, Fortnite has received much success in recent months. Therefore, messing up with its environment may cause collateral damage. But the developer of this game feels so easy to change things up. It is considered as one of the top most played games. And, we all know about the most popular drop spot in the game, Tilted Towers, where you go for a good quality loot.

This feature might be a reason for its great success. But, from now on, you will not be able to see it. At the end of the vault event in the game, the developers have eliminated it due to which urban battle becomes unrecognizable. It seems to be difficult for a huge chunk of a player to play in such an environment. They will have to change their playing style in order to adjust to a new environment.

Some gear made its come back in the event. Players need to jump into a newly opened vault and they will have to chip away until any of the Fortnite’s “vaulted” games was open and will be relaunched in the game. Epic proclaimed that this won’t be a part of Fortnite World Cup play in the upcoming weekend.

According to the reports, this change shows that Epic is always there in inventing mechanics for keeping game interesting and attractive. Therefore, the company is continuing with its gigantic player base. This change seems more exciting and it shows that Epic is planning to take risks and letting the old player make a comeback again.

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