New iPhone 11 Leak – Exposes Design Change

New iPhone 11 leaks

So we have some new information regarding what might be the next iPhone 11. As you can see in the below image these leaks have existed for a little while now of this strange camera array on the back of what looks like an iPhone.

So, at first, you know usually happens with the typical leaks you get renders from people that are based on rumors or possible schematics if available in order to insinuate what the next version of a particular device might look like or some kind of unreleased device.

iPhone 11

Cut to the chase

While recently we have a new schematic, which points in the direction of this particular design is a possible reality, a potential reality. This is the schematic right down in the picture and what you can see that it has a very particular cutout in the metal component that would make up the back piece of the device and that cutout indicates a design like this.

iPhone 11

It indicates multiple cameras on the back beyond what we have currently seen on iPhones as they exist today. Now, as you know you have been following the smartphone game the mega camera setups on the back of flagship smartphones have become the thing. I am right now galaxy S10, that’s a triple camera set up on the back recently took a look at the p30 pro from Huawei. That’s a quad camera set up on the back so there is a contest definitely going on.

iPhone 11

In the flagship smartphone space for packing cameras into smartphones. Actual lenses that can do different things. It’s an area where Apple has been a bit slow to evolve that said that to be changed potentially with the next version that is in iPhone 11.

So what might you ask for what might you get with these extra cameras well the obvious one would be another aspect and another viewpoint another perspective which could be delivered potentially through a wide angle lens.

It’s the feature that exists on this Samsung, it exists on other devices including that Huawei p30. Although this cutout that Apple’s doing looks more like the Mate series from the Huawei than the new p30. But nonetheless a feature like that a wide angle allowing you to capture a more of a frame.

It could be useful for architecture it can be useful for capturing a group, especially in a small space. Where you can back up any further to put more into the frame at least we hope that’s what one of these cameras will represent for the next iPhone 11.

iPhone 11

New iPhone 11: what we want to see

Now as you know Smartphone sales have kind of slowed down a bit especially at the flagship level the Samsung Galaxy S10 appears to be a bit of an unusual case. Where it was recently released at a high price point and according to Samsung it seems some degree of success. Which is kind of unusual or at least unexpected from certain analysts given the fact that the marketplace has softened up a bit.

Now, what can you equate that to is it the camera set up on the back is possibly this hole punch in the OLED display. Is it a whole package deal where people on a Samsung Side waiting for something to happen.

iPhone 11

We don’t really know, but this arms race happening in the smartphone space at the flagship level doesn’t appear to be slowing down and if Apple wants to remain competitive against brands like Samsung and like Huawei which by the way that rounds out the top three smartphones manufacturers, then they are going to have done something that is obvious. And as much as this type of innovation here with adding more cameras into the phone as much as that gives you a functional outcome where you can do more and take the different types of photos.

What’s important with these smartphones as they have become an extension and representation? Of us and our tastes is that you want to pull it out, you want to hold it up and say I got the fresh one.

You want the device itself to say “Hey, I am the fresh one” at least for a certain segment, a certain group of clientele. And that’s what this thing will do whether you like it, hate it, think it looks good or ugly it will immediately tell the people that you have the brand new factory fresh, and likely very expensive iPhone 11 next generation.


So, this is looking more feasible now based on this particular schematic alongside with other rumors coming from reliable leakers and the various reporting on this now I think we can safely say that the next generation of iPhone going to have a different camera layout than the current version and likely an extra camera built into it.

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