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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: Everything about this device is remarkable


Microsoft has been manufacturing surface products for a long time now. Microsoft has also tried to compete with the Android device with their Windows phones which eventually became a lost cause. However, that is not the case when it comes to Microsoft Surface products. Microsoft announced the first Surface back in 2012. Microsoft has excelled in this area and came up with pretty great devices over the years. Microsoft has also expanded the Surface products. In the start, it was just Microsoft Surface Pro and now the company is manufacturing various devices including Surface Laptops, Surface Books, Surface Headphones, Surface Studios, and even a comparatively smaller Surface Go. Microsoft has made a great impression on consumers with perfect products over the years.

The latest devices from Microsoft also include the latest Surface Pro which is named Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Microsoft puts a lot of thoughts into creating Surface devices. Microsoft Surface Pro line is may be the best selling from Microsoft. We can easily say that Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best one from Microsoft as of now. Surface Pro 6 has a certain grace to itself with its great design. It is not just the design of this device but also the power which attracts consumers. It is like no other laptop yet it can deliver all that a premium laptop can do and more. Microsoft is still sticking to the old ways so before making a decision to buy this amazing device you must know what it contains inside of its beautiful exterior. Let’s have a detailed look into the features and specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 6.


Microsoft is sticking to the previous designs of the Surface Pro line which not bad at all. However, with every new device, the company introduces very small upgrades in the design. Surface Pro 6 has basically the same old design. The kickstand on the backside goes all the way down up to 165 degrees so that you can enjoy the studio mode. Studio mode is the term Microsoft uses to point out the fact that you can use Surface Pro 6 for creative work like graphics designing, with the Surface Pen. Surface Pro 6 can easily sit on your lap with the adjustable kickstand. Placing a Surface Pro 6 in your lap is not as convenient as placing a laptop in your lap but it works. You can easily do typing while placing it in your lap and the experience is much better in comparison to its predecessor.

The Outlook of the Device

Surface Pro 6 is 0.33 inches thick and feels a bit thinner than its predecessor. Microsoft released all the previous Surface Pros in only one color but this time the company made Surface Pro 6 more elegant with the matte-black finish. Most of the consumers were expecting this color option from Microsoft for a couple of years and now it finally happened. Microsoft used magnesium in the matte-black finish of this particular product and now on the matte-black finish, you are less likely to leave fingerprints on this device. Surface Pro 6 is also available in silver color. Surface Pro 6 alone is very light and weighs 1.7 pounds. Adding the keyboard does not make it much heavier as it weighs just 2.4 pounds with the keyboard. However, Surface Pro 6 feels a bit heavier than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Ports and Slots

Surface Pro 6 features a micro SD card slot for expansion of storage. You can easily find this micro SD card slot under the kickstand. It is a good thing that Microsoft is still keeping the headphone jack which is placed on the left side. There is a good chance that Microsoft will lose the headphone jack in the next generation or maybe in the next one after. The Stylus or Surface Pen attaches magnetically on the left side of Surface Pro 6. Power button and volume control buttons sit beside each other on the top side of Surface Pro 6. On the right side, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 features a USB 3.0 port, a display port, and the charging port. It is a pity that Microsoft is still sticking to the old school Type-A USB port.

There is a good chance Microsoft will realize the need for Thunderbolt ports in the next generation of Surface Pro. Still, with the limited ports, you can use Surface Dock to connect several accessories to the Surface Pro 6 but you must know that it comes at a high price as Surface Dock costs $199. So if you need multiple screens connected to your Surface Pro 6 you have to buy a Surface Dock.


Surface Pro 6 features a 12.3-inch mesmerizing display. It could be the best on any of the 2-in-1s yet. Microsoft uses PixelSense technology in the displays of its products. The 12.3-inch display has 2736 x 1824 resolution. The display is bright and sharp enough that you can easily spot even the dull colors. Even though Surface Pro 6 falls a little behind but it gives a tough competition to its competitors in terms of display.

However, there is this important detail which I cannot ignore and that is the thick bezels. Surface Pro 6 is a premium device and it still does not feature thin bezels. After a little more wonderment on the subject, I realized that maybe there is a reason behind that. As there are important things like speakers which must be placed in a thin body of the Surface Pro 6, we cannot blame Microsoft for slightly thicker bezels. So for now, I guess, we can make peace with that and maybe we could see thinner bezels in the next generation Surface Pro.

Cameras, Audio, and Graphics

Surface Pro 6 has two cameras, an 8-MP lens at the back and a 5-MP front-facing camera. Both the cameras are pretty great. You can spot front-facing speakers on the sides of the display. The sound quality of these speakers is great. You can easily enjoy clear and loud music without using an external set of speakers. Surface Pro 6 has an Intel UHD 620 graphics card. The internal graphics are perfect for an adequate type of work and moderate gaming. However, you cannot expect the base model of Surface Pro 6 to give the best performance for heavy gaming.

Keyboard, Touchpad, and Surface Pen

You must be familiar with the keyboard for Surface Pro devices. Definitely, the keyboard has also got some upgrades. A very thin keyboard features perfect keys with 1.3mm of key travel to provide you the best typing experience. The keyboard is just like a think cover which connects to the bottom of the Surface Pro 6. You can easily adjust the keyboard. The touchpad is not very large but it is large enough to provide a good experience to the user. Touchpad works really well. The keyboard is covered with a very soft fabric. Even though this keyboard is just a keyboard and does not contain much electronics part, you must know that it comes for an additional price of $129.

The Surface Pen experience is incredible as always. The Pen works even better than the last one and there are 4096 levels of sensitivity. You can enjoy using the pen for a lot of commands in various apps. Artists and graphic designers appreciate Microsoft’s effort with the Surface Pen. Surface Pen also costs an extra $99.

Performance and Battery Life

When it comes to performance, Surface Pro 6 is better than its competitors and much better than its predecessors. The base model of Surface Pro 6 comes with an 8th-generation Intel quad-core Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM. You can choose 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB of SSD storage options. However, the base model features 128GB of SSD storage. You will get smooth performance even with several apps running in the background, more than a dozen of opened tabs in the browser, live streaming music, and YouTube video streaming. The SSD has a very good transfer rate of 230 MBs per second. Surface Pro 6 with the higher processor, RAM, SSD performs even better than the base model.

Microsoft has also focused on the battery of Surface Pro 6 and given their best. The battery timing of this Surface Pro is much better than the last one. With the continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi and completing simple tasks, you can get nearly 9 and a half hours of battery timing.

So there are a lot of things to consider before buying this device. If you work remotely and travel a lot, this is the perfect 2-in-1 for you. If you use a lot of accessories then you must know this Surface Pro does not offer many ports. Surface Pro 6 performs very well and a masterpiece for entertainment too. You can go for the top model with the best processor and SSD storage if you do creative work and you will see it was worth buying. But all its perks come at a great price. Even the base model with keyboard and Surface Pen costs $1,128 and the highest model goes up to $2,099.

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