LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C Monitor

  • This monitor has FreeSync and Dynamic Action Sync technology which is very appealing to gamers.
  • It has 1ms motion blur reduction.
  • The ultra-wide screen is good enough for gaming and watching movies.
  • It is an affordable monitor with great specs and design.

  • No 4K display is a bit disappointing but its low price evens that out.

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Either its gaming or work you might find yourself in need of an extra screen. A USB-C monitor is a good choice for that purpose. Almost all the latest laptops including MacBook Pro and Windows laptops have got a USB-C port so choosing a USB-C monitor seems reasonable. LG is quite famous in display technology and produces high-end TVs and PC monitors.

LG has a great number of consumers when it comes to USB-C monitors. There are several aspects to analyze before buying a USB-C monitor. If you want a simple monitor with no high-end features you can have a great number of options available in the market. If you are looking for something unique and thrilling then you must know all your options. You should make an informed decision only after a careful analysis.

lg 34um69g-b


LG offers a large variety of monitors including high-end and affordable monitors. LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C monitor is one of the affordable monitors in the market from LG. It has good enough features to fulfill your needs.  However, the following pros and cons will help you in making a well-informed decision about buying this monitor.

lg 34um69g-b


Let’s have a detailed glance at all the features and specs of this affordable monitor. LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C monitor has a lower resolution of 2560 x 1080. The size of the screen is 34 inches. The design of the monitor is simple enough but it looks really great on your desk. It has slightly thicker bezels. It does not have a 4K resolution still it is one of the best monitors for gamers.

lg 34um69g-b

FreeSync Technology and Dynamic Action Sync are great features of this monitor. It also has 1ms motion blur reduction. All these features are essential for gamers. Moreover, there are 3 gaming modes which you can enjoy while gaming on this monitor. There is one pre-set RTS mode too. All these features are very appealing to a gamer. There are no apparent drawbacks of LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C monitor.

lg 34um69g-b


Final Verdict

LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C monitor has a number of features which you usually don’t see in other monitors in the same price range. No 4K display might be disappointing to you but it is obvious that 4K display comes at a great price. The price of LG 34UM69G-B 34-inch UltraWide USB-C monitor starts at $319. It is affordable great looking monitor and you will absolutely love to have it on your desk.

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