KingWear KW88 – an Outstanding Bargain

KingWear KW88 at a Glance

That is on the grounds that it isn’t from some prominent maker, in actuality; it is from a Chinese organization called KingWear. I discovered the KingWear KW88 while completing a research study on smartwatches and it captivated me so much that I chose to inspect.
I ensure there are no desires at whatever point I am checking on an item.  Pretty shocked I was, when I understood that the watch is quite part superior to anything I expected it would be. So I could state that the KingWear KW88 is unquestionably the best smartwatch that can be bought for under $100.

Features and Specifications

KingWear KW88

This is an intense explanation, however, it is valid. Beside the strange highlights like a camera as an afterthought, whatever remains of the watch is quite standard. The general activity is really smooth, and the watch does each one of the undertakings you request it to perform. Along these lines, there no bad things to say at all. It even has wellness trackers alongside their particular applications that enable the client to appropriately monitor his or her exercises.
It utilizes a 1.3 AMOLED display, which essentially implies that you get immersed colors, extraordinary brilliance, and a stunning couple of points. I can’t generally make a whine about the screen, particularly not with the price this watch charges.

The watch additionally accompanies Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell alternatives, and albeit numerous individuals won’t be keen on making calls by this little watch, it is still great to see that the organization is attempting to crush in a not too bad measure of highlights that the clients need.
You additionally get 4 gigs of locally available capacity combined with a quad center MediaTek processor. Truly, this is the place the genuine issue begins. Smartwatches do never need such a high center check or such incredible processors.

Battery Life

KingWear KW88

When you pair a processor that is amazing with a smartwatch, you get problems, for example, battery life. The battery life on the KingWear KW88 is so horrible.

Another purpose for the awful battery life is the way that it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell radios in it, and regardless of whether these are not being utilized continually, they are as yet going to require control. Eventually taking a tremendous lump of battery with them.
On a full charge, the watch keeps going around 8 hours on ordinary use, less in the event that you are a substantial client. Before your day ends your watch will come up short on the battery path. Tragically, no measure of programming patches will almost certainly fix this issue.

  • A good measure of highlights
  • Offers the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell information
  • No Android Wear
  • Horrible battery life
  • Pretty essential capacities


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