Apple iPad mini (2019) Specifications and Review

iPad mini (2019) Specifications & Review

After a longer period Apple has finally updated new iPad mini 2019, this is technically 5th generation mini book.

It has massive A-12 bionic processor same which is used in iPhone 10S.

iPad mini comes with 3GB RAM and 64/256GB ROM and of-course IOS 12 is a operating system.

Starting with 516$ iPad mini is still the best tablet on the market and it worth buying.

A new processor and much batter screen which is 25% brighter, more color accurate, less reflective.

In this iPad mini 2019 you will also have apple pencil support. If we talk about selfie camera its 7MP.

The connectivity module including Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi AC and GB Lte E-SIM cellular version.

It’s pretty big upgrade almost every-way except design meaning other than few minor tweaks rest are same.

It is built to used easily with one handed no matter you are reading books or watching video plus it is also compatible with old iPad accessories.

There is no face ID, we have the classical touch ID home button and C-Type charging port.

It is 6.1mm thick and has dual speakers on the bottom unlike the pros. The screen of it is 7.8 inch retina LCD screen which is great for reading books, watching videos, browsing websites, playing games and dealing with pencil is one of the phenomenal feature of it.

The iPad pro is bigger and almost costing twice there is no chance of replacing pro with this iPad mini it’s clearly a secondary device, however it a light weight and sharp tablet with more stunning features you can still Buy iPad mini 2019 from Amazon.

  • Solid Performance
  • Bright and Colorful display
  • First-gen Apple Pencil support
  • Good battery life

  • Large and Heavy Bezels
  • No USB-C
  • No stellar photos

iPad mini (2019) Review:

Due to the invention of new technologies, phones are getting bigger and bigger all the time. With all these inventions, people prefer bigger accessories as compared to small sized tablets or phones. Keeping in view this rapid development, Apple has introduced its latest Apple iPad mini 2019. The price of Apple iPad mini 2019 is round about $399. Apple has improved a lot of features and specifications. And this one is an improved version of its predecessors. It is the best small tablet but it cannot take stellar photos.

apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019


Let us just get into more details about this exciting invention. Apple iPad mini 2019 contains a 7.9-inch display. You can easily grip it in your one hand just like its predecessor iPad mini 4. Its display is really colorful and bright. It contains the first generation Apple Pencil and a smart cover as well. It is lightweight and portable.

Due to which, it becomes easier to travel with it. Thanks to Apple’s iPhone XS-class chipset, this small-sized iPad mini 2019 is really fast. If we take a look at its performance, iPad mini 2019 supports Adobe Lightroom editing. According to the company, this mini iPad can last for almost 10 hours.

apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019

The battery life of the Apple iPad mini is good enough to do our daily tasks easily. Moreover, the company has introduced a fast charging system on this iPad. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive due to the use of a top quality fully covered screen, faster chipset and quick charging system.

We can not categorize it as an updated version of iPad Pro for various reasons, first, it is not featuring second-generation Apple pencil. The bezel-heavy design might be the other reason as well. The starting price of Apple’s iPad mini 2019 is $399 for a 64GB Wi-Fi-only variant. Obviously, for top-end variant, you will have to pay some more bucks.

The top-end model contains 256GB storage along with a cellular connection with a price tag of $679. Moreover, you will have to pay more for getting other accessories like Smart Cover and a fast charging USB-C for fast charging. It is to be noted that these iPads are less expensive as compared to Apple iPad Air 2019.

apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019
apple ipad mini 2019

It is to be noted that Apple is yet to introduce foldable phones. Other specs of Apple iPad mini 2019 includes 3.5mm headphones jack, a fantastic Touch ID home button and thick heavy bezels around the screen. Its full laminated Retina display shows it constitutes a thin protective glass and a pressed screen digitizer.

Final Verdict:

As time passes, different phone manufacturers are introducing more competitive devices. This time, Apple has revealed an iPad mini 2019. It is small, fast and easy to carry iPad. Actually, it is the best small tablet that you should buy. It is powerful and contains bright 7.9-inch display. It has a fast charging system, therefore, you do not have to wait for 3 to 5 hours to get it fully charged.


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