IOS 13 Release Date, News, and Rumors

IOS 13 release date, news, and rumors: what to expect in the next software update from Apple

iOS 13

Apple fans must be really excited for the next big software update for their iOS devices. Well, the new update is not that far away. Apple is reportedly considering to make a few UI changes. It is not like all the Apple fans were really expecting a change in UI but Apple must be planning to improve the user experience.

You will most likely see some of the features which were originally supposed to be in iOS 12 but Apple couldn’t release those features in iOS 12. There are a lot of features that iPhone and iPad fans want to see in the next update. Let’s see what has been on the news regarding iOS 13 so far.

IOS 13 release date

As per the latest rumors, Apple is going to unveil the new software update in the next Worldwide Developers Conference which is going to be held in the first week of June 2019. Apple developers will be the first ones to get their hands on the iOS 13 beta for developers. Later in the same month or the following month, Apple fans will be able to test iOS 13 beta. The complete iOS 13 will most likely be the part of the next iPhone which might come into the spotlight in the last quarter of this year.

Which devices will be supported for iOS 13?

Rumor has it that iOS 13 might not be available for iPhone 5s. There is no surety about the availability of iOS 13 for iPhone SE and iPhone 6. Apple has kept releasing the software updates for iPhone 5s before and this may be the case this time too. However, you might as well wait to see if the latest software update comes to iPhone 5s or not.

iOS 13

If Apple decides not to release the update for iPhone 5s than iPhone 6 and iPhone SE will be the oldest iPhones which will get the iOS 13. When it comes to iPads, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4 will most likely get the iOS 13. Even though iPad mini 2 got the iOS 12 update but this time it may not happen.

iOS 13

On the other hand, the latest iPad will definitely get this software update. Some sources claim that Apple is not going to release this software update even for the iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4. If that is true than you might as well not expect iOS 13 on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s either.

iOS 13

Even if Apple decides to release the update for iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s, you might not be able to enjoy all the new features on these devices. Still, it will be better to have something than nothing at all. After all, we should not expect any bad news from Apple or maybe the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users should not expect anything at all. In that way, if you get the update that will be great. If not then there will be no tears either. So there is no one opinion on this matter, not until Apple makes it official.

Rumored new features in iOS 13

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the new features in iOS 13 for the past few days. There is a good chance that Apple might not be making some of those changes at all but more than a few features seem really good and everyone will love to have those features in their iPhones. Let’s have a look at these rumored features.

Dark Mode

iOS 13

Dark mode is one of the expected features of iOS 13 which is coming up more often than others. Apple users love the UI and look of iOS and there is a good chance that users might not be craving for the dark mode. Still, if Apple decides to go for the dark mode, it will be a good option. Apple has already introduced the dark mode in Mac OS so we can say that the dark mode is coming to the iOS 13. Apple is now producing the iPhones will OLED displays so they might as well introduce the dark mode so that iPhone users can also experience this feature.

Redesigned Home Screen

iOS 13

Redesigning of the home screen does not seem so appealing, well not to us at least. Apple has kept the basic design of the home screen since the first iPhone and it has been 12 years now. Yes, Apple has made a lot of changes in the home screen over the years but the basic design has remained the same. We can definitely expect a few extraordinary changes on the home screen but changing or revamping the entire home screen is not something that Apple would consider to do. Neither Apple nor the Apple users would want the iPhone home screen to be more like the Android home screen. So that’s the rumor which is not logical at all. Still, let’s hope Apple wouldn’t do something that would piss off Apple fans.

When it comes to the home screen of the iPad, we can make peace with the fact that Apple might make changes on the home screen. Apple has not revealed its plans about the future of iPad yet. However, it is quite clear from the latest iPad’s UI and home screen that Apple really wants to keep the difference between an iPad and a touch screen MacBook. Certainly, Apple will not abandon Mac OS by bringing everything to the iPad. So it is clear that Apple will not do something to hurt its Mac OS or iOS for iPad. The only thing we can hope for in iOS 13 is that it will come with some admirable changes on the home screen.

Improved Files App

iOS 13

There is nothing wrong with the Files app on current iOS. But it does not mean there is no room for improvement or modification. Rumor has it that Apple might come up with a more interactive Files app. Google has done it with its Files app in the latest software update Android Q, so why shouldn’t Apple.

Split view

iOS 13

Split view is something that iPhone users might want now that when the screen of the iPhone is large enough. The iPad has already got this feature and this feature must be available for the iPhone too. It is highly likely that Apple is working on the split view for iPhones and it will be a very great step for Apple. As Android users are already enjoying this feature, now it’s time that iPhone users also get to enjoy it.

Cross-Platform Apps

It is quite clear that Apple is not going to merge iOS and Mac OS to bring the users an advanced experience. Frankly, such an OS merger could be more disastrous than productive. As Apple’s CEO has already cleared that it is not going to happen, now the main focus of Apple is improving cross-platform apps. As per the latest rumors, Apple might integrate a lot more iOS apps to Mac OS to provide the users with more interactive experience on both platforms. It does not quite add up though because not all the iOS users are Mac OS users. Still, it will be a huge plus point for the users who would love to use iOS 13 somehow integrated into Mac OS.

Redesigned Camera App

iOS 13

Apple’s camera app is alright. It is not too clumsy to irritate a user but it is not too advanced either. Camera apps from other manufacturers who use Android are much advanced. A lot more features in the camera app seem appealing to users. As per the rumors, Apple is working on improving the camera app. A couple of basic changes will certainly be the part of iOS 13 but there is a good chance a much-improved camera app will roll out with it.

General Improvement in other Apps

iOS 13

Even though the latest updates have brought some changes to a lot of default apps on iOS, we might see more improvements in the default apps in iOS 13. Messaging and contacts apps would get more modifications than we might think. Another rumor about volume pop-up is also spreading and it states that a new volume pop-up is in development. As per the rumors, the new volume pop-up will appear along the side of the display and not in the middle. As per its description, it seems that it would look more elegant this way. More news contains information about the improvements in the emoji section.

iOS 13

These are some of the rumors and news about the upcoming iOS 13 and I am sure that there is a lot more to come in the upcoming weeks. This major update is definitely going to be a good one. However, we still have to wait a couple of months to see what else is going to be there in iOS 13 and a few more months to actually experience the full and final iOS 13 on the iPhone.

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