ICC Warns All World Cup 2019 Teams

ICC Warns All World Cup 2019 Teams Against Two Indian Bookies.

As one of the most awaited international events of 2019 begins, the bookies are active again. Of course, I am going to write something new about the ICC World Cup 2019.

The international event will begin today with a match between two giants teams, South Africa and the host England.

The match will start at 2:30 pm, almost three hours from now. As you all know that international events like the World Cup have a huge following all over the world. Obviously, a lot of betting and match-fixing begins with these events. It is reported that the International Cricket Council (ICC) will be taking strict action against those who want to manipulate this event.

Either by approaching team captains or players. The council proclaims that it is going to be a tough event for those who will break up its anti-corruption measures. As well as, ICC also warned Pakistani players to clearly point out the person who approaches them for corrupt practices.

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Just to makes sure that no one approaches them, Pakistan Cricket Team will be accompanied by Security Officers including Major (R) Azhar and two ICC Security and Integrity Officers. The officers instructed team members about possible corrupt practices. For now, the team management as well players have informed about two Indian Bookies along with their photos.

The ICC officers showed some material to the players and staff regarding corrupt practices. Moreover, they advised players to directly report if anyone approaches them for corrupt practices. The ICC officers have also advised players to be careful while interacting with strangers on social media. As most of the bookies present themselves as cricket lovers or fans.

Earlier than this, Pakistan Cricket Board has (PCB) hard already warned its members as well as staff to stay from strangers and report directly to management in case of fixing attempt. PCB advised players to travel in groups and to follows the curfew timing of the team.

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