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Holy Stone Drone HS 170

Holy Stone Drone HS 170 Review 2019

Holy Stone Drone HS 170

Here we are going to discuss one of the prodigious multipurpose drones in the market. We will have a brief note on Holy Stone Drone HS 170. Before going into the brief detail, let us have an overview of the usage and benefits of the drone in the 21st century.

Drones are emerging as the most important tool for a lot of purposes. Currently, there are numerous organizations either from the government or private sector, which have been using the drone for some important tasks.

Well, if we slip through the details of drone usage, we will find out that modern armed forces have been using drones for some commercial militarily purposes. Most advanced armed forces have been using drones for carrying out strikes on various targets.

While there are many other fields, where you might have observed that in numerous events, drones have been used for taking shots from the top. The shots taken from top enhances the creativity and beauty of a particular event.

Well, there are many other uses for drones, but we need to emphasize on Holy Stone Drone HS 170 in this blog. Let us get back to the topic now. The Holy Stone Drone HS 170 is also considered as one of the best selling drones in the market.

Moreover, these drones have also been known as the best selling product from Holystone.  Holystone is a Chinese company, best known for quality drones. Experts consider these drones as an ideal for a drone for beginners.

So, it is best for those, who are flying drones for the first time. Moreover, it is a perfect drone for those, who often fly drones. Till now, the drone ranks in the top drones as it is giving outstanding competition to top-rated drones in the market.

Holy Stone Drones:

Even though, the latest up-gradation of Holy Stone Drone HS 170 including the HS170G Night Eleven and HS170C Predator, this drone acquires the top spot. As you all know that the Holy Stone Drone HS 170 debuted somewhere in 2015.

Moreover, in that era, the adoption of quadcopters has been at its max. Therefore, the company has managed to implement some basic features of modern quadcopters.

The basic feature includes improved durability, features and above all perfect controls just like in X12 Drone as well as IN 1802 drone. Nowadays, it is important to keep these advanced features in mind, while making remarkable improvements in modern drones.

The introduction of these features in beginner drones should be a standard for every manufacturer. Probably, it will deliver the best experience to new flyers.

In this detailed view of Holy Stone Drone HS 170, we will breakdown this detailed review in different sections just to allow you a complete understanding of this prominent product. We will be discussing the performance, build quality, and features for a complete understanding of the product.

Well, I will make it sure to provide you an honest review or verdict at the end of this review to point out some basic features. Moreover, I do hope that you will be getting a perfect buying guide for making feasible decisions.

Design and Build Quality

Holy Stone Drone HS 170 is being categorized as a mini drone. The outstanding bright cobalt coating categorizes these drones in rugged drones. The coating covers its entire body frame.

On the main body frame, the logo of the Holy Stone is painted in the middle. As a whole, the quadcopter presents an aura-like appearance and it seems more attractive.

The company cleverly integrated landing legs and keep them curved for a perfect and amazing look. The best part about the curved landing legs is that the legs are shockproof. It is just to prevent the effects of landing hard on the ground.

Additionally, the motor arms are being accompanied by adjacent propeller guards. These guards are mean to yield in some extra protection layers for utmost security.

As we have cited above that it is crucial, especially, for beginners. The reason is that they don’t have any idea about landing a drone. The propeller guards are just to ensure drone durability.

In my opinion, the introduction of propeller guards is something great about this product. This drone performs exceptionally well if you are flying it for the first time.

It is obvious if you are going to try a drone for the first time, I am pretty much sure that the drone will crash a couple of times. After a few attempts, you will have an idea about flying a drone.


The guards make sure that all electronic components including the propeller remain safe, even if the drone crashes so hard. The additional layers for protection are just for beginners to practice drone landing.

Near me, the reason is that beginners don’t know exactly how to land drone flawlessly. Being a mini drone, Holy Stone Drone HS 170 constitutes a nice and sleek design.

Their fashionable blue eyes mounted on the front caters an amazing look. We named them eyes, they are LED light bulbs that bestows perfect visual assistance positioning. The LED bulbs turn on when the Holy Stone Drone HS 170 is activated.

The LED lights on the front flashes blue. While the LED lights on the rear side turn red. The lights play an important role in identifying its presence in the day. As well as, the drone presents a great view to watch at night.

The worse part about Holy Stone Drone HS 170 is that the material used in the construction of drones is not up to the mark. The material seems old and even does not meet the quality standards of modern drones.

Getting into more details, we got to know that these drones comprise plastic for body hull frame as well as for motor arms. What I believe is that this quality standard raises questions on its durability. Because this plastic is more likely to get damaged as compared to the ABS plastic used in several other drones.


From a performance point of view, Holy Stone Drone HS 170 presents some sustainable performance as compared to other drones in the market. As we have mentioned above that these drones are perfect to be used by beginners.

Holy Stone Drone HS 170

I believe, it is the perfect model to learn and master flying skills. Beginners with no prior experience will surely find it more easy to control this drone. Holy Stone perfectly manufactured this drone for normal use.

When it comes to the size, Holy Stone Drone HS 170 appears so small just like the palm of your hand. The tremendous speed, perfection, and stability make it an ideal drone to be used outdoors.

The use of ease is what Holy Stone always claim about Holy Stone Drone HS 170. Three-speed controls are there to allow beginners to have their hands on flight controls.

Holy Stone Drone HS 170 can last for only 6 minutes in the air. Additionally, you can control the drone easily within 50 meters of dimensions. If we see, it appears to be a great drone under $50. The battery life is not above par.

However, you can use multiple batteries to enjoy your drone flights for a longer time. Therefore, I will always recommend you to buy a complete battery pack.

The upgraded battery pack will let you fly a drone for an additional 1 or 2 minutes. As a whole, you will be able to fly the drone for almost 30 minutes. And, I believe, it is a perfect deal that you should take into account.


The current market trend shows that features are the only thing that dominates the market. Features are the only thing that ranks a particular product at the top and helps in generating revenue.

Most of the popular drones contain exciting and high quality features just like numerous top-end applications. However, numerous drones like Holy Stone Drone HS 170 emphasizes on some basic features to ease beginners in flying drones.

One of the core features of Holy Stone Drone HS 170 includes Altitude Hold function and Headless Mode. These features can be regarded as important features for multiple reasons.

One of the core reasons is that these features enable beginners to learn flying drones. While the Headless Mode allows you to switch the control orientation. The control orientations can be switched from drone to a remote controller.

This indicates that you can be able to fly drone via a lever on your remote control. The movements can be monitored via a lever with ease. The drone moves by the movement of the lever.

Similarly, the altitude hold function can guide drones about staying at a certain height. The feature perfectly detects the air pressure via a barometer. Moreover, you will have an option to change the settings of the Altitude feature to manual.

Through this, you will be having complete control over the drone and you can fly the drone as high as it can. It is probably the perfect feature for beginners who want to test the flying skills of Holy Stone Drone HS 170.

Apart from these exciting features, the Holy Stone Drone HS 170 comes with amazing extra features. The additional features include automatic takeoff and landing. The best part about this amazing drone is that it performs 360-degree flips with utmost perfection.

With such an amazing price tag, I would personally recommend you to buy Holy Stone Drone HS 170, if you have no idea about flying a drone. With outstanding features, it is a complete package for you.

Remote Controller

Holy Stone Drone HS 170

It is unfair to ignore the remote controller of Holy Stone Drone HS 170 while having a brief review. In the past few years, numerous drones were launched with amazing controllers. The remote controllers appear sleek, nice and professional.

The best examples of such drones include Eachine E58, HS700 Ophelia and Xiaomi Mi drone. These drones contain compact features with easy to understand and easy to use remote controllers.

With the images inserted in this blog, you might have observed that the remote controller of Holy Stone Drone HS 170 seems pretty old. There are different buttons on the controller, therefore, you will have to read the manual to operate it properly.

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But for the beginners, the lever on the remote controller plays a significant role in controlling the drone. The throttle speed, the movement, and altitude, all can be controlled via a lever.

However, the buttons positioned on either side of the remote controller are for elevation, trimming, and activating features including flips, takeoff, and others.

On the upper edges of the remote controller, Holy Stone integrated the flip and speed modes. To activate the flip mode, you need to fly Holy Stone Drone HS 170 in a particular direction.

Then push the flip button to amaze your viewers with amazing stunts. The drone can perform flips in all four directions. You can make Holy Stone Drone HS 170 flip left, right, backward and forward. Apart from these moves, you will have to learn the basic control to master flying this drone.

Final Verdict

Now, its time to wrap up the things with our Final verdict of Holy Stone Drone HS 170 review. It is to be noted that we conduct an honest review of every product in the market.

If we talk about the buyer reviews about this affordable mini drone. Then, there are thousands of drone lovers who bought this drone and gave positive feedback.

This product contains some negative aspects that you may not like. But, those drawbacks have no potential effect on its sales. One of them is less battery life, however, that defect can be reduced if you use an upgraded battery back.

As I have mentioned above that Holy Stone Drone HS 170 only contains one battery life, so a battery pack can boost its battery life up to 30 minutes. Overall, this quadcopter appears to be the perfect fit for the beginners.

As it provides astonishing features to let beginners train them. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for beginners to buy, as it costs you around $40 to $60.

Well if we take a look at the features, we will find out that the Holy Stone Drone HS 170 performs flips, automatic take-off, altitude hold function, and headless mode.

Remote Controller:

With an easy to use remote controller, the lever on the remote controller makes it easy for beginners to control the movement of the drone. The flips can be performed forward, backward, left and right.

The button on the remote controller allows you to perform a flip. With perfect design and build quality, this drone ranks in most durable drones. The curved legs are perfectly designed to resists against shocks against harsh landings.

All of this ensured by cobalt coating on its entire body frame. Since its release back in 2015, the Holy Stone Drone HS 170 appears as the perfect fit for beginners and hobbyists. To date, it is considered the best selling product in the market. With sumptuous features, this quadcopter brings a standard to the market.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and control
  • Stable and easy to Learn
  • Perfect upgrades and good for beginners


  • Limited battery life and control distance
  • Old fashioned remote controller and no camera

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