Google Assistant finally controls Sonos speakers

Sono, a well known US-based consumer electronics company, took too long to offer native voice control on its speakers. According to reports, Sonos is willing to release a software date. After the upcoming update, Sonos speakers will enable Google Assistant control.

The company will enable control either through supporting speakers or through several connected Google Home devices. After this update, Sonos will be considered the only company, which allows an option of a voice assistant on a particular speaker.

You will have the option to choose one AI, which suits best for playing songs or checking weather updates. Moreover, you will also have an option to select numerous assistants in different rooms. Although, you are having control over the same task.

Therefore, US citizens will be the first to enjoy support. However, in July, users from other countries like Canada, Australia, Germany,  France, the Netherlands, and the UK, will be able to get the support. After that, the support will be live in all other countries.

Hence, it does not matter in which part of the world you are living in. You will find the voice of a Sono speaker really pleasant. But, you should not be picky about choosing the best smart home ecosystem.

You will absolutely love it if you are fond of listening to music on YouTube or Google Play Music. Therefore, you might not have to use Alexa for controlling Google’s services. Therefore, you will always have Sonos as an option if you have subscribed already. If you do not have Sono’s speakers, then do not worry. We are providing you good deals below. Click below and Buy from Amazon:

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