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Game of Thrones Season 8 Aftermath Teaser

Well, this Game of Thrones season 8 teaser sure does make it look like everybody dies


A new Game of Thrones teaser trailer is here, and you’d higher hope it doesn’t accurately portray the result of Game of Thrones season 8’s final battle. The teaser is titled Aftermath, and it’s concerning fifty seconds of camera pans over Winterfell, ending with an awfully faint (and threatening) figure standing within the fortress’ open gates. Given, however, winter has resolutely returned, you’ll in all probability guess WHO it’s.

Aside from teasing the Night King’s arrival, the trailer takes some moments to linger over acquainted artifacts: a worn House Stark banner, Jon Snow’s Longclaw, Daenerys’ chain, Jaime’s gold hand, Arya’s Needle, and so on. every one of them looks to own been tossed aside while not ceremony, suggesting their house owners either left them in a very hurry or were slain on the spot. You don’t see any corpses within the teaser (or anybody besides the likely Night King), however, the White Walkers don’t tend to go away behind any bodies once they may be new recruits for his or her army of the dead.

Though that teaser is hopefully simply a “what if” state of affairs, HBO free 2 alternative promos cut from actual show footage on. Here’s the primary, titled “Together”. It’s concerning as optimistic as Game of Thrones gets nowadays.

And here’s “Survival” that has some nice dragon time for you.

We won’t content ourselves with teasers for much longer. The ultimate season of Game of Thrones is about to start on a day within the America and April fifteen in the GB. Then once its six episodes are done, there’ll continuously be the sport of Thrones prequel television program to appear forward to.


See however all of this fits into our grand array of Game of Thrones theories. Or get trapped before the new season begins with our final video recap for Game of Thrones.

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