You all may know that Final episode of Final season was released yesterday. But, in China, the show has just started. Because the finale is yet to publish in the country. As of now, Tencent Video, the streaming platform has owned the right of publishing GOT series of HBO in China.

The video streaming platform did not broadcast the final episode of Game Of Thrones.  It was expected that the finale will be broadcasted at the same time as it was released in other parts of the world.  Instead, the streaming platform always displays a pop-up message displaying that show wasn’t available because of “transmission medium problems,”

Although, HBO believes that one of the main reason behind it, is the recent trade war between China and the US. Although, the video streaming platform claims that there might be some technical issues behind it that prevent it from airing Game of Thrones episode. However, HBO claims that it is due to dispute.

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In a statement, the premium cable service, Tencent said that “no issue with content delivery.” However, a spokesperson stated that the Chinese government has restricted Tencent from broadcasting the final episode of the show. But, Tencent has promised that it will update its customers about a broadcasting time when it will be available.

Moreover, HBO is yet to clarify the current situation for its viewers in China. Recently, President Trump has involved the state in a trade war with China. Last week, things get more escalated when President released a new executive order. According to those executive orders, the sale and use of products from Chinese telecommunication companies will be ban.

However, several other companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and Google have cut off their businesses with Chinese firms. The reason behind this massive cut off is a blacklisting of numerous Chinese firm. Apparently, it seems that Trump administration is softening some restrictions to continuously provide services for some networks empowered by Chinese equipment.