Facebook’s redesigned app icon rolling out on iOS following app redesign

Recently, the social media giant, Facebook has announced that it is going to redesign its web and both Android and iOS apps. The company named this redesign as FB5. In the last week, mobile users have got some changes. Right now, Facebook plans to introduce its new app icon on iOS and after so many years, it is going to happen.

This new FB5 redesign will give a new look to the entire social media platform. Additionally, the company is determined to focus on groups and other community-related stories. The social media giant has been removing the dark blue color and replacing it with white color. This will give an elegant design to Facebook’s web and mobile apps. According to reports, numerous iOS users have got updates just after the F8 developer conference of Facebook. As of now, the old dark logo is still live but we can expect that Facebook will change it very soon. Moreover they have introduced a dark theme too.

Facebook dark theme

Yesterday, the company has introduced a new icon for its iOS app. The icon contains the company logo with a light shade of gradient blue color. Previously, the icon constitutes the offset “f” with dark blue color at background. This new icon resembles little bit to that of Messenger app icon.

The release notes about yesterday’s update contain some generic improvement. However, the App Store is also listing some screenshots of updates along with the new icon. The company says:

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

However, you can still access the older design. As the company is yet to announce an update for its Web and Android app as well. The company has also hinted about the dark mode that will be a part of FB5 update. The company proclaims that the dark mode will first appear on the Watch tab. And then they will expand it to mobile apps as well.

Old Design



New Design


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