Eddie Bauer Men’s EverTherm Down Jacket (Review)

Here we are going to discover about the Eddie Bauer’s EverTherm Down Jacket. It is really different the iconic down puffy of Eddie.  In our last review about The North Face Thermoball jacket, which contains good ThermoBall insulation. In Eddie Bauer’s EverTherm Down Jacket, the brand has used Thindown insulation. Basically, it is compressed and bonded between sheer fabric which helps in retaining shape and it enables airflow as well. The fabric sheeting enables the jacket to renounce quilted baffles and allows it to have a slim look. Apparently, Eddie Bauer is the only company to introduce Thindown Insulation

For so many years, the company has used sheets of synthetic insulation. The irregular shape of the jacket and its ability to rebound provides more heat even at low temperature. Therefore, it works more efficiently than synthetic insulation. In various traditional puffy, some of the warmth and heat of Eddie Bauer’s EverTherm Down Jacket leaks away due to its baffles or quilts’ stitching. In the previous season, a lot of jackets containing best synthetic insulation are introduced in the market, therefore, the chance of high competition is always there.

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Let us get more details about this durable jacket. The latest EverTherm Down Jacket has just discontinued the conventional puffy and moreover, it also increases the cost and weight of assembly and thread used in baffles. The standard weight of the men’s version is just over 11 ounces. On the other hand, the women’s version weighs almost 9 ounces. The company proclaims that this jacket can be used in -15 degrees Fahrenheit temperature while moving and almost 40 degrees when you are sitting or standing still. It is reported that experts have tested this jacket at really low temperature and found this jacket really helpful in keeping you warm.

If you would ever have a chance to wear it, then you will probably feel the weight and size is really comfortable. Under the arm, there are wide shoulder panels. Which in result provides a feel of the flat seamless shoulder for best mobility and easier fit. The trapezoid side panel contains the main seam, which extends from the back of the hip to the front pockets. Therefore, the jacket has enough space to wear one more seater under it. The medium size of a jacket easily fits an average sized person.

If we open the jacket without ripping for inspection of the insulation, we can proclaim that Thindown sheet is really compact. The best thing is that it is thick but not more than a centimeter. The sheet is flexible and remains independent between inner and outer nylon layers.

Along with its unique insulation, the Evertherm has a lot of great features. The nylon outer constitutes the Stormrepel Super DWR. The Drawcords located inside the waist helps in adjusting the hem and elastic cuffs on the sleeves keep the heat inside and cold outside. Taped zip-ups closures are being used up in the chest and angled hand pockets. However, the hooded version has a binding adjustment and is insulated as well.

The EverTherm compresses well but it is quite different from the conventional quilted puffy. It is suitable for a region with a lowers temperature. This jacket is available in the online stores. The price tag for men’s version and women’s version with a hood is $279 and without hood, it is $249.

Final Verdict:

Eddie Bauer’s EverTherm Down Jacket is warm and comfortable. It is an idol jacket for regions having a temperature less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses Thindown insulation, which is a bit better than synthetic insulation. This jacket will cost you around $249 – $279. It has Stromrepel Super DWR.

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