eBay opens QR code-powered shop in the UK

Today, it is reported that one of the world’s best online store, eBay has expanded its platform to the UK. The e-commerce site has introduced a brick and mortar concept store in Wolverhampton in the UK. Initially, the company is making a one-month long retail experiment. In which, it will allow 40 small and local businesses to present their wares.

The company will also offer a series of free and interactive workshops. Earlier, the company has opened pop-ups but this is the first time, it has expanded a brick and mortar concepts in the UK. The mean reason behind it is to test the collaboration between both physical and online retailers.

Additionally, users can make purchases by scanning the QR code instead of exchanging cash for goods. The users can not carry out purchased products with them instead the products will be delivered to them. Use of QR code will help eBay in tracking traffic metrics as well as sales. Through this, the company will judge how to run physical stores with online sales.

Vice President of eBay in the UK, Rob Hattrell said, The shop will “explore how stores of the future could combine technology with that vital human connection to powerful effect — whatever the size of the business,”

In the last year, the e-commerce site signed a partnership contract with Wolverhampton. After a lot of research, the company figured out that numerous small businesses in the UK do not have an online presence. And, almost 70% of them have no plans in accessing online platforms for their sales. It is to be noted that Amazon experiments cashless models and physical stores already. Now, it is time for eBay to step forward in the same direction.

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