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Dell UltraSharp 38

The Dell UltraSharp 38″ Ultrawide Curved Monitor is a curved monitor with 21*9 aspect ratio its LED back is with IPS panel that has a native resolution of 3840*1600 at 60htrz. It curved screen delivers a pretty sweet immersive experience not only it has a sharp and colorful display but the infinity edge design gives a clean look.

It coming in 38″ Diagonally the monitor itself measures 35″ wide by 15″ high by 2″ deep.

Dell UltraSharp 38 can be remove from the stand so it can me mounted with compatible desk stand.

You can open upto 6 windows at a time where the dell display manager allows you to quickly and easily arrange each window.

If you are a video editor you can watch media and editing at same time on parallel windows.

Let’s talk about the curve screen it has 2300 arc curve radius. It reduces your eye movement across the entire screen the Ultrawide Curved gives you consistent color and details across the entire panel.

You can also adjust the mode and color temperature its ready to have accurate color right out of the box with the factory calibrating 90% SRGB color gametic and 1000:1 ratio the Dell Ultra Sharp 38″ monitor supports 1.07 billion colors, but still if you wanna any color calibration or adjustment at your own the monitor has physical menu button located underneath the lower Basel.

One cool feature with this monitor is you can display any content with two different PCs with the single KVM feature.

If you are a laptop user USB type-C port on this monitor gives you single USB C-cable solution that transmit power audio and video signal between your laptop and monitor.

In terms of connectivity ports this has lot of options, included 1 display port, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB 3.0 up screen ports, 2 USB down screen ports, 2 USB port at the bottom of the screen, and the C-type port at the bottom.

The screen is also adjustable it can be adjust 4″ up & down, it can adjust or till 5 degrees down and 23 degrees up.

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  • Widescreen looks really great
  • Wide range of astonishing colors
  • Low contrast ratio does not look promising
  • There is no FreeSync feature in this monitor
  • Slightly thicker bezels. The bezels are not absurdly thick and seem alright but compared to other high-end monitors in this range its bezels do not seem very attractive

Dell UltraSharp 38 Review

USB-C monitors are the clear choice for anyone these days. The popularity of these monitors is also increasing day by day.  Like a number of other tech companies, Dell has also excelled in the production USB-C monitors. Dell has introduced astounding monitors over the years. Consumers have also welcomed the monitors and put their faith in them. Dell has not failed its customers when it comes to monitors. Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor is no different. It has fulfilled the needs of the gamers and professional alike.

There are a number of monitors which have got great appreciation from the consumers over the past few years. Some certainly stand out of the crowd like the Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor. There a lot of things you must know before making an informed decision to buy this product. We have reviewed this product and described its pros and cons so that you can know all about it before making a decision to buy it. Let’s have a brief glance at the features and drawbacks of Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor.

Dell U3818DW
Dell U3818DW
UltraWide 38 Curved
Dell U3818DW Review

Dell UltraWide Curved Monitor

Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor is a state of the art monitor with an InfinityEdge screen. The high-end display of this monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 1600. There are one display port and 2 HDMI ports on this widescreen monitor. Its wide display is great for creative workers, artists, and graphic designers. The wide display also allows the user to work on multiple windows at the same time. The display with high resolution is good enough for gaming too. The bezels of the monitor are not that thick. Although the widescreen stands out. But it also lacks in some areas too.

Dell Ultrasharp 38 Curved Monitor

Final Verdict

Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor is one of the desirable monitors out there. However, there are a lot of features that you might be expecting in this monitor but may not find those features in it. The absence of features like FreeSync and 5K display may really disappoint you. Still, there is a lot in it which might attract your attention. The size of the display is big enough to carry out all kinds of work. The size of the display is also good enough for gaming too. With all its moderate features, the Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C monitor comes at a high price. It starts at $1,099.

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