Dell S2718D 27 inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor Review

Dell S2718D Specs

Dell S2718D 27” Ultrathin monitor has USB-C port at its base which can transmit the video/audio and also charge your Macbook at same time.

You can see the normal USB ports are placed at the back of the base (some users believes that the USB ports should be placed at side of the base or at the side of the monitor or at the front of the base so, if your monitor lies closer to the wall you don’t have to revolve screen to get access of back side)

The panel is 2560*1440 display it runs at 60 hertz meaning it is not an ideal monitor for gaming person but it looks really pretty and decent when you play the games with lower frame rate.

Dell actually sources a very high quality panel with their display and looks like it is the one of them.

the color on it is very nice which is 99% SRGB Gama they also have HDR mode, but you have to connect HDMI cable to enable it however the quality of HDR is not really high.

The response rate is 6 millisecond which is also not very high, again not suitable for the gamer as they are always looking for high response rate.

It can not be mount to the wall because it has all connectivity options with in base however it has decent revolving hing and little bit til up option as well.

At the back side of the base you will find power adapter port, HDMI input, USB-C port (45w which is enough to charge mini Macbook) 2 USB ports (high speed) and the speaker connectivity port.

The color temperature setting mode is also available who’s buttons are placed at the front of the base those buttons are not labeled but when you press any of them it will open a menu and you will see that, buttons are aligned to their related menu.

This is the shortest review that is not covering 100% features but, it really worth buying if you make your mind you can Buy on Amazon or continue reading.

Dell S2718D SpecsDell S2718D Review

A well-crafted Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor seems a really astounding product.

Either you are a high-end gaming lover or you are a creative design professional, Dell has engineered a really astonishing monitor for you.

There are a lot of monitor options out there and you might get confused while choosing the best one for yourself.

Dell has a great line of high-end monitors and Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor is one of the best monitors from Dell.

This state of the art monitor has a sleek and eye-catching design.

There are a lot of things to know about a monitor before buying it. You must consider all the options you have and do in-depth research about the monitor you want to buy.

Only after detailed analysis, you must make a well-informed decision to buy a new monitor.

Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor is a great monitor but you must know all the specs and features of this product before buying it.

There are other monitors from Dell which are expensive than this one but this monitor gives a great performance which makes it worth buying.

The device somehow has few pros and cons, which are as follows

  • The gorgeous and attractive sleek design of this monitor is the highlight
  • It supports HDR 10
  • It belongs to a mid-range price category
  • There is no display port on the monitor.
  • There are no built-in speakers in this monitor.

Dell S2718D ReviewDescription:

Let’s have a detailed look at the specs and features of this product. Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor has a sleek and gorgeous design. It is very thin and has a 27-inch screen.

Due to its compact design, it would seem really great on your working desk. It stands out of the crowd because of its great design.

The screen of Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor stands on a stand with square-shaped base. Its IPS display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

There is no display port on this monitor, however, you will find an HDMI port. It has HDR 10 support. Bezels are very thin which make this monitor even more beautiful.

The screen of this monitor is very thin too. It may be the thinnest monitor on the market as of now.

It belongs to a mid-range price category. However, with all its features Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor lacks speakers.

Final Verdict

Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor is certainly a desirable monitor which appeals to gamers and professionals alike. However, the absence of display port and speakers puts you in a difficult position while making a decision. Besides that this state of the art Dell S2718D 27-inch Ultra-thin USB-C Monitor is worth buying. Its price starts from $419.99 and you can also buy it online through Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

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