CoolBELL Lunch Bags for Women

CoolBELL lunch bags are very well designed elegant lunch box bags.  The basic design and print of this bag are meant for women as it basically looks like a purse but there is no harm for men to carry it around in black color. This lunch bag is large enough to carry food for 2 people going on a picnic. Kids can also take this lunch bag to school. The compact design of the CoolBELL lunch bag allows you to carry it around easily. There is one main compartment which is large enough to store all kinds of snacks. There is no separation in the main compartment as the bag is basically designed for carrying the solid food items and snacks.

coolbell lunch bag

You can still carry other foods like sandwiches and curry based foods in separate boxes and then store those boxes in this bag. The polyester fabric material of this bag is leak-proof. You can also store soda cans inside the bag and there is also an outside side pocket to carry a water bottle. The insulation of the CoolBELL Lunch bag is enough to keep the food warm or cold for a reasonable time period. However, the food will not remain warm or cold for a long time. The bag itself weighs 0.77 pounds. The dimensions of this bag are 9.5 x 6 x 11 inches. Carrying straps are durable. The design with the black color and flower print is meant for women alone. The other two colors are silver and black.

coolbell lunch bag

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