China blocks Wikipedia in all languages

Recently, it is informed that one of the world’s largest information portal, Wikipedia is being blocked by China. From the past few years, China has been taking strict actions against Wikipedia. Recently, Open Observatory of Network Interference has revealed reports about this matter.

The reports notify that sometime in April, China has started blocking Wikipedia in all languages. Since 2015, the Chinese version of Wikipedia is banned. Additionally, the Wikimedia Foundation stated that they had not received any type of notice regarding this block.

However, the country is yet to clarify the reason behind the blockage of other versions of Wikipedia. It should be noted that this blockage just happened a few weeks before Tiananmen Square protests’ 20th anniversary. The protest was ended in a violent government crackdown.

Basically, the People’s Republic of China has blocked all those web pages directing the tragedy. Although, it bound to not to block Wikipedia as the site shifted to HTTPS. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for people to see a particular page. Possibly, a blanket ban might come handy in preventing people from reading a particular content.

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As translating Wikipedia’s pages becomes easy, it is possible that keeping in view this feature, China just blocked all language versions of Wikipedia. Although, the Chinese government always take strict action on content against it. Moreover, the government is keen to block all those Twitter accounts who criticize the government.

Even though, the social media platform is not officially accessible in the country. However, this block results in a major loss. Because the access to a vast knowledge about different fields has been cut off. From now on people living within country premises will not access the great knowledge platform.

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