Cards Against Humanity – Wild Party Game for Adults (500 white & 100 black cards)

Cards Against Humanity Intro

Cards against humanity is an adult party game that’s weird but actually a lot of fun and to know if this is right for you think back to the TV show Fraser who did you think was funnier Fraser or Niles. If you pick Niles that this might be a good game for you. And you appreciate that sly subtle humor that’s basically the essence of what makes this game work.

If you can think in those terms they’ll end up being a lot of fun for you and your friends as it shows on the label. This is a game for adults they cover all topics four to twenty people can play so a perfect party game and it does take from a half-hour to an hour and a half depending on how much interest people show in it and how interesting the people are who play it. This game has become kind of an internet sensation there’s an online version of it you can play.

There are decks of cards that you can download and print on your home printer as long as you don’t mind taking the time to cut them all out and turn them into cards. But if you want the easy way to do it you can just buy it. This set was about $25 you can Buy on Amazon. What you get in the box whole bunch of cards most of them are white which are different answers basically.


How to Play Cards Against Humanity?

They’re different statements that depending on the question can be funny if you see it in the right light and then there are the black cards which are question cards or fill in the blanks and then you have the instruction card not a whole lot to it but it turns out it’s a lot of fun as long as you’re with people who are sort of like miles and Frasier to play the game.

Everybody gets 10 white cards these are the potential answers and then you picked a card czar who’s the person who basically runs the game according to instructions he should be the person who pooped most recently so gives you kind of a feel for the game there. Now that person will pick one black card read the question on it or the fill in the blank statement. Everyone will think look at their cards and take the card that they think would make the funniest answer or fill in the blank to that and they will take that card and they all pass it to the cards are the cards then goes and reads them.

Flash Back

This is sort of like a game you might remember people who would play with the fortune cookies that you get after a meal at a Chinese restaurant where you just add in bed to whatever it says. In the fortune that makes it fun so the cards are we’ll take the white cards the answer is people submit it shuffle them up and then read them the question and answer the question. In the answer aloud and then the cards will pick which one is the funniest answer for that question.

The Other Way

The other way you can play it is to have everybody vote and decide which one’s the finest. You then pick a new card czar and people holding on to the white cards can turn in as many of them as they would like and draw new ones. The idea is of course to try to get something that you think will be a funny answer in anticipation of the kinds of questions that you’re going to be asked.

Little Help

Example, here’s one card tsa guidelines now prohibit blank on airplanes and so we have some potential answers vehicular manslaughter new age music hot pockets and extremely tight pants. So if you had these as your answer cards you go through your attendant you have think which would be the funniest answer for that slide it over to the cards are they collect all the cards again read the question in the answer and then either they pick the funniest or that people vote on which is the funniest answer.

Final Words (View Amazon Reviews)

This is your kind of game, what gets better with age is the question I could choose from answers including fiery poops you must construct additional pylons which is only first Starcraft nerds my relationship status Judge Judy an ugly face the question being what gets better with age now toilet-related answers like fiery poops always a classic and depending on the crowd you’re playing with that may be your best option or something more subtle might be your best choice.

You continue to play until people get tired of it and then add up the points and in a surprise move to whoever got the most points you punish them because if you’re good at this game you’re probably a little bit evil so if you’ve heard about cards against humanity’ and wondering what it was there you have. Its not a game to get your kids for Christmas but be something fun to get your neighbor.

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