Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Brass Bloster folding pocket knife

Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel brass bolster folding pocket knife is a very sharp and gorgeous knife. This folding pocket knife is handmade and crafted very beautifully. Damascus steel is very durable and sharp. The blade of the knife has also great design printed or carved on it. The black line’s design looks beautiful. This handcrafted tool features a buffalo horn handle or butt. It is a foldable pocket knife. Folding the knife takes a little effort. You can carry the folded knife around in a small leather pouch. The leather pouch is also very strong and durable. This pouch is manufactured with cow leather. Double stitching with a strong and thick thread on the pouch looks great. The pouch has a button closure. The leather pouch features a star brass button. You can attach the knife pouch to your belt and it looks very convenient.

Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Brass Bloster folding pocket knife


The knife is lightweight yet strong and sharp enough to fulfill your needs. It is a perfect tool when you are on a hiking or hunting trip. A sharpening rod also comes with a knife. Sharpening rod helps you in sharpening the knife. The high-quality sharpening rod looks really great with a golden color head made of camel bone. The length of the sharpening tool is 5.5 inches.

A beautiful design is carved on the handle of the knife. The total length of the knife along with its butt or handle is 6.5 inches. The length of the sharpened Damascus steel blade is 3 inches. You can rely on this small sharpened knife while peeling of small wood pieces to make a fire quickly. It is perfect for cutting vegetables and meat as well. The knife is so elegant that it would make a great gift. This premium quality knife is not heavy at all.

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