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Aukey Fast wireless Reliable charger

Aukey Fast wireless Reliable charger
Aukey Fast wireless Reliable charger

Nowadays, you might have observed an enormous increase in the popularity of wireless charging. And, this is the reason, the wireless charger are becoming are more demanding products in the 21st century.So, if we observe, Aukey fast wireless Reliable Charger technologies are taking over the market.  In the near future, we will be able to see people looking for wireless chargers.

One of the main reasons is that the latest iPhone X, as well as iPhone 8, are highly compatible with wireless charging technologies. Moreover, the above-mentioned flagship phones are also compatible with Power delivery technology.

As a matter of fact, the compatibility of wireless charging is a bit less as compared to that of Power delivery. But, we are also known to the fact that Power delivery technology has the ability to charge devices at max speed.

So we can not completely ignore the Power Delivery technology. Therefore, getting in touch with the latest charging technologies is a plus point. As it helps you to distinguish brands that are offering utmost charging speed as compared to their competitors.

Keeping in view the latest wireless charging technology advancement, we are going to discuss the wireless charging technologies that support USB-C input ports. Well, it is very rare to see the combination of wireless chargers and USB-C input ports.

Because most of the wireless charging manufacturers prefer to use Micro USB input port rather than utilizing the conventional USB-C input port. Today, we are going to discuss Aukey fast wireless reliable charger.

The Aukey Graphite LC-C5 wireless charger is considered as one of the best Aukey fast wireless reliable chargers in the market. This wireless charger can be regarded as a future proof charger because it comprises USB-C port.

The reason behind the addition of USB-C port is the wide compatibility of USB-C ports.  Because, nowadays almost every smartphone, tablet, and even laptop come with a USB-C port.

Therefore, if you have a smartphone or any other electronic device that belongs to the family of those devices which contain USB-C ports then this wireless charger is perfect for you. Let us discuss the functionality of this Aukey fast wireless reliable charger .

  • The design and build quality of this Aukey wireless charger are spectacular. The inductive wireless charging technology gives it a premium feel. You do not have to connect cable with your smartphone, you just need to place your smartphone and tap lightly on the upper surface to get your phone charged.
  • Its design has inspired a lot of manufacturers and even low-end consumers. You can rank this Aukey wireless reliable charger in most of the compact and ideal charging pads in the market. These pads are perfect to be used in home or office for reliable charging.
  • This wireless charger offers a wide compatibility option. It is compatible with Qi wireless compatible devices. A perfect length, width, thickness, and weight make this good wireless charger. So, for devices that do not support wireless charging, you need to get a wireless charging adapter.
  • The wireless charger comes with a lot of security features. The security features just to ensure that your device does not get affected with short circuit or through variations in current.
  • The package of wireless charger comes with USB 2.0 to USB-C cable with a user manual. Moreover, it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee along with a 24-month Product Replacement Warranty Card.


Output Charging:

Generally, you might expect that the wireless charger will work in the same way as a conventional charger does. Then you better need to expand your horizon. Because this Aukey fast wireless charger does not work just like other wall chargers.

So, if you want your device to get charged within a couple of hours faster than you expect then wireless charger should not be your utmost priority. The reason is, wireless charging is relatively slower as compared to other charging means.

So you might be thinking that the company has used USB-C input port for boosting up charging speed. Then, you better need to change your thinking criteria because there will be no effect on charging speed.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to charge your iPhone X, Samsung Qi-compatible smartphones and iPhone 8 at their max speed. So, in this case, it will be perfect for you to use the wall charger instead.

As I have mentioned above that the wireless charging is slow. And, you might be thinking why wireless charging is slow? The reason is that the maximum output charging capacity of the Aukey wireless charger is 5V/1.0 A.

Surprisingly, it is far less than the mini portable chargers in the market. It is not to mention that the charging speed will be the same for all devices that are compatible with Qi wireless technology.

The input charging speed that this Aukey wireless charger requires is 2.0A or more. Well, if you want a faster-charging freak then I will recommend you to go for some other powerful wireless charger rather than wasting your valuable money on this Aukey fast wireless reliable charger.

So, if you have an iPhone X or iPhone 8 or even any of the Samsung smartphone then, I will not recommend this Aukey wireless charger.

As it lacks the fast charging capabilities, so it will not be a good charger for you, if you want to charge your smartphone rapidly. You might get a view lack of fast charging capability as a negative aspect of this Aukey wireless charger.

And, in my opinion, this Aukey wireless charger should not be slow because it utilizes the USB-C port, which is regarded as a standard for the utmost speed.

I think the company has kept this Aukey wireless charger simple and normal. It is just to let you know that this charger can be used as a Universal wireless charging option. This means that it is not specifically designed for fast charging.

Input Charging:

Aukey Fast wireless Reliable charger
As you have read above, that the output charging capacity of this Aukey fast wireless reliable charger is very low. The best and most amazing part of this wireless charger is that it comes with a USB-C input port.

This makes this wireless charging technology a lot different from most of the wireless chargers in the market.  But, this uniqueness is unable to affect the charging speed.

So, if you won’t get the most out of this Aukey wireless charger, then I recommend you to use a 2.0A wall charger or higher.


Size and Weight:

Well, it is quite natural that the wireless charging pads are not portable. The reason is that they have high dimensions. Due to which it becomes difficult for you to carry this charger with you.

As like other conventional wireless charging pads, this Aukey wireless charger comes in large dimensions. The charger comes with a length of 3.4 inches as well as a width of 3.4 inches.

Whereas, this Aukey wireless charger is 0.4 inches thick. And, the weight of this Aukey fast wireless reliable charger is 4 ounces. This Aukey wireless charger cannot be categorized in either in large or small-sized charging pads.

But, still, this wireless charger is good for an average user who does not go after fast charging. Here, I do suggest you tap the top and bottom surface of your smartphone because both surfaces are going to hang off or it is easy to offset if you exert extra pressure on it.

Functional Components:

The functional components of this charger make it much easier for you to use this charger. The basic thing that you will require is a USB-C to USB-A charging cable.

Moreover, you will need a 2 amp wall charger to get this Aukey wireless charger charged. Additionally, this Aukey wireless charger comes with a built-in USB-C to USB-A charging cable. Apart from this, you need your own wall charger to get this done wisely.

Once you a reliable connection establishes between your smartphone and this Aukey fast wireless reliable charger, then you can just place your phone on the pad and sit back.

Along with some of the exciting features and components, you can find a very small LED on this wireless charger. Just like numerous other wireless chargers, this Aukey wireless charger contains two LED lights.

One of them is red, which indicates that the charger is on standby position and nothing is charging. While the green one depicts that the charging process is in progress.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this Aukey wireless charger is marvelous. The weight of this powerful wireless charger makes this charger feel premium. The upper surface of the charger is a constituted rubber.

The rubber has the ability to hold your smartphone tightly. Moreover, it prevents your smartphone from sliding. Just like the upper surface, there are the rubber pads located at the bottom surface.

The rubbers at the bottom just allow this Aukey wireless charger to stay solid and prevents itself from sliding.


Well, it is obvious that during the charging process, the loss of power makes this wireless charger hot. It is common that wireless chargers heat up, so there is no point of worry for you.

Once your smartphone gets charged fully then the charging process halts automatically.


You can call this charger a very reliable charger because it has the ability to charge all Qi-compatible smartphones.

With that said, we do not mean that you should try this Aukey wireless charger on numerous flagship devices including the iPhone 8, iPhone X and the Q compatible Samsung smartphones.

Because it lack fast charging capabilities. Despite, this Aukey wireless charger uses the USB-C input for charging, we will not categorize it as an ideal charging device for you. Because it only delivers the conventional charging speed.



The standard charging speed of this Aukey wireless charger is 1 Amp. And, the charging speed is the same for all Qi-compatible smartphones.

But, if you are having a Samsung flagship smartphone that is compatible with Qi features then I will recommend you to buy this charger.

Even if you are having one of the latest iPhones then this Aukey wireless charger will be a perfect match for you. The company has elegantly used the USB-Cp port in order to make this charger, future proof.


You can categorize this Aukey wireless charger as a small wireless charger. So, if you want to charge one of your smartphones then you need to tap on the upper surface this charger. A slight tap on the surface will do the work.


The build quality of this Aukey wireless charger is rather fine. As the charger is using rubber on the upper surface. The rubber on the upper side ensures that your smartphone remains static.

Where as a rubber pad beneath this wireless charger indicates that it is slip free.


While discussing Aukey LC-C5 Graphite wireless charger pad, we came to know that this charger is best to be used with Qi wireless compatible devices.

Most amazingly, this charger comes with a USB-C input port. Overall, the lack of Fast charging somewhat makes it unreliable, if you own a smartphone that is compatible with fast charging wireless chargers in the market.

Aukey LC-C5 Graphite Wireless Charger Pad Specifications:

Charging Speed5V/2.0 A
Fast Wireless ChargingNot Available
USB-C Input5V/2.0A
LED Power Indicator1
Size3.4 x 3.4 x0.4 inches
Weight4 Ounces

The Bottom Line:

The Aukey LV-C5 Graphite charger tends to be a good charger so far. I will recommend this charger for one reason.  The reason is that it is a future proof wireless charger. Despite featuring a USB-C input port, this Aukey wireless charger is not suitable for folks, who love to use fast charging wireless chargers. This wireless charger is compatible with a large variety of wireless compatible devices that I have mentioned above.


  • Comes with an immense build quality
  • This charger comes with a USB input.
  • A future proof charger


  • No fast wireless charging

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