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Aukey 10000mah Power Bank

Looking for portable, yet long-lasting power banks in the market?  You had been in the right place; here I am going to present to you a detailed review of Aukey 10000mah power bank.

Aukey power bank has been known for providing the best quality at affordable rates. For years, the company has been working to deliver fine quality power banks to its consumers.

Most of the power banks and portable chargers from Aukey provide maximum output and perfect functionality as compared to other brands in the market. Today, we are going to enlist a couple of very good Aukey power banks in detail.

Aukey 10000mah Power Bank


Let us keep things simple, we are going to discuss everything about Aukey 10000mah power bank, almost all versions of Aukey power banks that reside under this title.

The whole detailed review will be about the Aukey power bank with a charging capacity of 10,000mah.

We will be discussing everything about each and every power bank that is listed in this review along with their specifications. Let us move forward to our first Aukey power bank listed below.

Aukey 10,000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank with Quick Charge

As you all know that the quick charge is now a need of the emerging world and smartphone market. Most of the smartphone manufacturers have been providing the quick charge feature with their flagship handsets.

Besides, the power bank manufacturers including the Aukey has been working to provide the best portable charger, which will be able to charge your devices in a quickfire.

Similarly, Aukey 10000mah power bank with a quick charge feature is the best example you can note now. Additionally, this Aukey 10000mah power bank comes with USB-C power delivery and quick charge to fasten up the charging process.

Power Capacity:

Being a mid-range power bank, the Aukey 10000mah power bank provides you a reasonable power capacity to get your phone fully charged.

It is to be noted that the company proclaims to have provided 10,000mah power capacity but the actual power capacity of this portable power bank is around a 7000mah.

In my opinion, the charging capacity is enough as the power bank is coming with an exciting power delivery or quick charge.

But, if these extra features are not there, then you will be getting less power capacity for sure. The best part about this power bank is that it has enough power capacity to charge an entire tablet easily.

Output Charging:

Surprisingly, the company has integrated two ports that you can use for charging purposes. Furthermore, you will have a one USB-A port, you can utilize for a quick charge.

This means you can easily charge the compatible Android phones including the Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Galaxy S9, LG V40 ThinQ and several other quick charge compatible smartphones in the market.

Whereas, you can use the other port for connecting Power Delivery, which delivers the charging speed of 18W.

Aukey 10000mah Power Bank

Input Charging:

In order to recharge this Aukey 10000mah power bank, you can use three different ways to charge this amazing power bank. Let us get started all three ways here.

The company has integrated three different ports to charge this power bank. The three ports include Lightning port, USB-C port, and a Micro-USB input port.

So, you are having three different options to charge this power bank. Surprisingly, the Lightning port and the USB-C port contain the same charging speeds of nearly 18W.

Whereas, the Micro-USB port is a bit slow as compared to the other two input ports. The charging speed of the Micro-USB port is 10W.

But, if you want to charge this power bank at its max extent, I will suggest you either uses a Power Delivery or Quick Charge wall charger. The reason is, the ports won’t allow you to charge this power bank at its max charging speed.


As long as the size is concerned, the power bank seems simple and a bit more like conventional power banks in the market. First, we will take a look at the size of this Aukey 10000mah power bank.

After the power capabilities, the size of the power bank seems good and adaptable. The reason is that this portable charger comes with a length of 4.2 inches, a width of 2.7 inches and an approximate thickness of 0.9 inches.

To me, the charging dimensions of this portable power bank seem adaptable and appropriate.

Functional Parts:

As cited above, this Aukey 10000mah power bank comes with three different ports including the USB-A, USB-C and a lightning port.

All of these ports are located on one side of the power bank along with the four Green LED indicators that allow you to judge the remaining power capacity.

Whereas, the Micro-USB input port can be found on the other side and the opposite side of the power bank contains a power button.


The build quality of this amazing Aukey 10000mah power bank is perfect even though the entire body contains plastic material.

The company did a great job of maintaining everything within this portable monitor in its right place.

The best part about this Aukey 10000mah power bank is that this power bank does not overheat during the charging process.

The portable charger does not heat up even though you are using power delivery or quick charge features.


This Aukey 10000mah power bank seems to be reliable, no matter, if you are using quick charge or Power Delivery compatible smartphones.

The best part about this portable power bank is that you can charge this power bank with three input ports, therefore, we call this power bank as a reliable portable charger.

Furthermore, you will have no problem with the size and weight of this medium-sized power bank. Therefore, it seems to be a complete package with perfect power and charging capacity.

Aukey Slimline 10,000mAh Power Bank

As you all know, Aukey is one of the best power bank manufacturers in the market. For years, the company has been providing high-quality power bank with perfect features, you will love to adapt.

Furthermore, Aukey is also known for providing brilliant smartphone accessories in the market. This time, we are going to present to you a slimline power bank introduced by Aukey.

This Aukey 10000mAh power bank comes with a lot of exciting features and functionalities. Besides, it is slim and has less weight as well.

Furthermore, this portable power bank is the best accessory for those, who love to travel frequently. Moreover, this Aukey 10000mAh power bank has an amazing build quality.

Although, the portable charger contains plastic material the company managed to give it a soft touch. The best part about this portable power bank is that it does not allow dust to stick on its surface as well as no fingerprints will appear on its surface.

Aukey 10000mah Power Bank

This Aukey 10000mAh power bank seems lightweight with stylish design. If we talk about the ports of this Aukey 10000mAh power bank, the upper surface contains two USB-A ports.

Similarly, the ports have the ability to deliver an output of 2.4A. Sadly, the company did not integrate the Quick Charge 3.0 features, this might be a downside of Aukey 10000mAh power bank.

However, the output of 2.4A is still legit for most smartphones in the market. On the front side, you will find a flashlight, most of the medium-range power bank constitutes this light.

It is to be noted that several people do not know how to make better use of this amazing feature. Whereas, the other side of this Aukey 10000mAh power bank contains a Micro-USB port to charge this power bank easily.

And, on the opposite side, you will be able to see the power button accompanied by four LED indicator lights. The lights are there to indicate the remaining power capacity.

Furthermore, each of the four LED light indicators represents a 2500mah battery. The dimensions of this portable charger are great, as you can take this charger with you, wherever you want.

You can easily place this portable power bank into your pocket as it is more convenient to carry this Aukey 10000mAh power bank. The company did not add the quick charge 3.0 feature because the company has planned to make this portable charger slim.

However, the output ports have enough capability to allow you to charge your smartphones and other accessories in a reasonable time period.


  • Portable
  • Longer battery life
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quality is satisfactory


  • Plastic material
  • Durable for limited time

The Bottom Line:

The Aukey 10000mAh power bank is good for limited use and it is best for travelers. Besides, the two products mentioned above belong to the battery pack having 10000mah power capacity.

Furthermore, Aukey has been quite successful in providing the best power banks with minimalist design and amazing features. Each product has its own charging capabilities and speed.

Moreover, the two power bank contains handy input and output ports that allow you to charge your devices faster. The power bank with power delivery seems more powerful as it offers more output charging capacity as compared to the second one.

The power delivery power bank comes with a Quick Charge feature to allow you to charge your devices in a while.

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