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ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Oil Diffuser Review

Asakuki Diffuser Review

Polluted environment makes it difficult for everybody to enjoy a healthier life. This is all due to dust particles, allergens and smells all around you. Therefore, today’s Askuki Diffuser review will showcase one of the most reliable oil diffusers in the market.

Asakuki Diffuser Review

Asakuki has been manufacturing quality products for years and this oil diffuser is a perfect example for you. The Japanese company has used high-quality material to make this product durable.

 The oil diffusers are known for providing a better, safe and fresh environment.  This amazing product comes with lots of surprising functionality and features that will amaze you. Let us have a look at the detailed Askuki Diffuser review.

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The design is the basis of attraction for this product. It looks more like an antique fashionable piece placed in the room. As a whole, it enhances the overall look of your restroom and even your drawing-room.

The design looks fashionable and environment-friendly with perfect LED Mood lights.  The most impressive part of this amazing product is that it comes to several different LED Mood lights. The lights showcase the real beauty of oil diffuser at night. So, it resembles more with a lightning bulb at night.

The design splits into two halves. The upper part constitutes the cup cover. The removable cover makes it easy for you pour fragrant oil into the cup residing inside. The bottom part constitutes the main mechanism of Asakuki oil diffuser.

The control mechanism is easy to operate because of a simpler interface.  You will be entertained with three buttons for certain functionality. The three buttons include light, High / low and mist.

The wooden type design at the bottom surface enhances its look. The oil diffuser is made stable with its rugged stands that can bear the weight of the entire oil diffuser. The light button makes sure that you can turn on the light at night, whenever you feel to have it.

Alongside, there are indicators for light and numbers that disclose either oil diffuser is operating at high, low or medium voltage.  The container on the upper side can easily be removed via a holder on its top.

This means, whenever you feel to outset the cleaning process, you can just remove the upper water container and wash it with ease. Overall, the design appears simple but impressive.

Build quality:

Apart from elementary design, the build quality seems fine to me. Let us find about build quality in our Askuki Diffuser review. There will be no point of a curse if we call this oil diffuser as a humidifier. The reason is that it perfectly manages the atmosphere of your house.  With an immense fragrance of aromatherapy oil, the freshness resides in your room for a longer time.

The most alluring fact about this oil diffuser is that it crumbles the bad smell of cigarettes and pets. You might get ashamed of the smell in your room when your loved ones visit you.

Additionally, you will enjoy absolute dry air with complete protection from allergens, germs, and numerous other dust particles. To ensure that this product is durable and reliable, the Japanese company has used premium quality material.

Furthermore, the premium oil fragrance makes you feel the essence of freshness and admire your surroundings. The high quality, safe and eco-friendly materials demonstrate that high-quality production standards are being met during the manufacturing process.

The Japanese manufacturer claimed that it can be seen as a great gift to your loved ones, who are fed up with bad smell in their house.  Let us dig deeper into the Asakuki diffuser review an find out more about the amazing features.

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This is the most important section of our Asakuki diffuser review, as it will help you in making a perfect buying decision. The features showcase whether oil diffusers are durable and reliable. Or it’s just a copy of some known brand? Let’s find out more about the exciting feature this oil diffuser is offering.

Adjustable Brightness

One of the core features because a brighter light at night will affect your eyes for sure. To keep things simple, the Japanese manufacturer integrated light management features to allow users to adjust light brightness in the meantime.

Auto Color Cycles

Often, you might get obsessed looking at the same color all the time. Therefore, the company proclaims the eco-friendly environment via its products, so this feature does the job perfectly. With 7 immense LED lights, you can easily automate the color cycles with amazing colors in the list.

LED and Mist Mode

LED lights reside in one of the sole functional features that intensify the entire beauty of this oil diffuser. You might be thinking that this oil diffuser might not be an energy-efficient device, you’re wrong, the oil diffuser has better power consumption. As it requires very little power to operate.

Moisten Skin

The dry air makes your skin behave anonymously. Therefore, dry air is grasped as perilous for the skin. With the best skin-friendly oil diffuser, you can have a noticeable glow.

Humidify Air

Getting a fresh scent in today’s polluted environment is like a dream comes true. The oil diffuser in our Asakuki diffuser review is capable to humidify the air for better health protection of your family.

Reinforce Immunity

Flu and cold, often, cause breathing issues for you. So if you persist with something similar problem then this oil diffuser is best for you. Overall, the diffuser can be regarded as a user-friendly product.

This is box title

The answer entitles the features and functions of the product detailed in our Asakuki diffuser review. Let us have a look at the sole functionalities of this amazing oil diffuser.

  • It’s very easy to dredge the heft 500ml water tank
  • The diffuser comes with 2 levels of ultrasonic Mist Function
  • Continuous and 3 timers mode
  • 7 brilliant and beautiful LED lights
  • Capability to humidify function
  • Auto-off safety switch, the switch performs well when water runs out.

The Bottom Line:

Asakuki Diffuser review is one of the finest oil diffusers in the market. The oil diffuser comes with amazing features and functionality. The features form the basis of absolute quality and reliability. This diffuser contains an elegant design, although, the company kept it simple.

The high-quality premium material is used to deliver absolute durability and reliability. The oil diffuser comes with 7 LED lights for a perfect view at night. Moreover, it offers a 500ml tank, 3 timers mode, humidifies air function, and safety switch.

All of the prescribed functions assist you in having a perfect eco-friendly environment. The most interesting part is that it is capable of providing freshness in a smelly environment, thus dissolving smell in the meantime. Overall, the product looks good and can be a perfect gift for those, who are fed up living smelly areas.


  • Good quality
  • The gentle scent of fragrant oil
  • Simple yet elegant


  • Low-pressure steam
  • Bit noisy
  • Not a durable

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