Apple Mac Pro 2019 Review

Finally, Apple released the most awaited Mac Pro 2019. This one is the updated version of the company’s professional desktop computer. It has a stunning performance boost but with annoyingly odd design. At the WWDC event, Apple just showed off the Mac Pro and proclaims that it is the most configurable and the most powerful computer as of now.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 Australia

The company just redesigned this PC and discontinues the compact circular frame as well. The new Mac Pro 2019 looks really odd. We can assume that the company used this design to improve thermal performance.

And, this odd design also prevents some ultra-powered components just to avoid overheating. Multiple GPUs can be used simultaneously. Right now, Apple claims that the Mac Pro 2019 has the “world’s most powerful graphics card”. You should have no doubt about it being a monstrous machine.

Mac Pro 2019 release date

For now, the manufacturer confirmed that it will be releasing the Mac Pro 2019 somewhere in autumn. At this time, there is no exact date being published by the company.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 price

Apple Mac Pro 2019 UKHowever, the starting price of the base model of Apple Mac Pro 2019 is $5999. The base model features an octa-core Intel Xeon processor, with 256 GB SSD, 32 GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro 580X graphics.

As of now, the company didn’t release the price tags for various other models. However, the Apple Mac Pro 2019 has some incredible specifications. It is probably the perfect match for your cash.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 specs

Apple Mac Pro 2019 USA

The Apple Mac Pro 2019 is really powerful. Because it features a 28-core Intel Xeon processor. It is much more powerful than numerous other traditional machines. For optimizing performance and jaw breaking bandwidth, the company has introduced the 64 PCI Express lanes.

Moreover, it constitutes a 1.5TB system memory having six-channel memory across 12 DIMM slots. The above mentioned eight PCI Express slots enable you to put some more expansion cards. The Apple Mac Pro 2109 has the ability to transmit the 300W of power to let all components work at their best.

The Apple MPX Module has the ability to fit in two AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega 2 graphics cards at once. It is just for staggering GPU grunt. This module contains a power and Thunderbolt integration of 500W. However, if you want to have some more performance and power.

You can integrate two Radeon Pro Vega 2 Duo into Apple Mac Pro 2019. This means that Apple Mac Pro 2019 is utilizing four GPUs at once. And the company proclaims that it equals the “world’s most powerful graphics card” having 56 teraflops of graphics performance.

At WWDC, the iPhone manufacturer has also shown off the Apple Afterburner accelerator card. This card has the ability to decode up to 6.3 billion pixels per second. However, Apple proclaims that this Afterburner allows you to decode almost three streams of 8K PorRes RAW video or 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time.

All of this decoding process does not pressurize the system. It is obvious that you will require a lot of power for such high performance. For solving the power related issues, Apple has bundled the power supply and reduces the power supply at 1.4kW. Moreover, the company proclaims that it has made these systems noiseless.

Mac Pro 2019 Design

Apple Mac Pro 2019 Canada

The Apple Mac Pro 2019 can be categorized in one of the ugliest machines manufactured by Apple. Because the company has introduced back its sleek cylinder frame. As a matter of fact, Apple Mac Pro 2019 resembles more like a massive cheese grater. Because the company has introduced the air vent at the front instead of pushing at the back side.

According to Tim Cook, this design is specially build to maximize airflow. And, yes this makes sense because some heavy components are out there. It is easy for you to access the internals because the Mac Pro 2019 contains a Stainless steel frame with 360-degrees access.

All you need to do is to pull that while the handle on top of the computer and the computer casing will lift off. In the end, you can easily plug in and plug out components. Moreover, the manufacturer has added stainless steel on the upper surface to make transport a bit easy.

The company proclaims that you can put wheels at the bottom surface. So that it will become easy for you to take it with you. Apparently, the Mac Pro 2019 does not provide a lot of ports. But for now, you will have two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A slots, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

At WWDC, the company has also introduced the Apple Mac Pro Display XDR 6K retina monitor. We will be there to provide you a detailed review of that classical monitor. The company proclaims that the Apple Mac Pro Display XDR 6K retina monitor is “the world’s best pro display”.

The starting price of that monitor is $4999. The combination of Apple Mac Pro 2019 with Pro monitor worth it.

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