Apple Airpods 2019 review

Apple Airpods 2019 review: upgraded Version with a similar design as their predecessor

Apple Review Airpods 2019

Wireless headphones market is expanding lately and we are witnessing a lot of brands bringing in their amazing products. Wireless technology is surely astonishing and everyone seems to enjoy it. This technology is much more appealing in headphones. It is no surprise to anyone that wired headphones are no more a suitable choice. Sometimes you use them roughly and damage becomes inevitable but with the wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about taking off the headphones every time you move slightly away from the computer.

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There are a lot of reasons you can find to choose wireless headphones over the wired headphones. The latest smartphones are losing the headphone jacks and it’s just a matter of time till the same thing will happen to laptops and tablets which tells us that wireless technology is certainly the next big thing. Some of the tech lovers seem offended by the removal of headphone jacks from the smartphones and that is justified because not everyone wants to worry about charging one more gadget.

But this worry vanishes when the battery life of the wireless headphones is long enough. In 2018 apple users have one of the best wireless Airpods by Apple which became quite popular and now Apple released the 2nd generation of it which are being called Apple Airpods 2019. The basic things about these new generation are the same as their predecessor but there are a few upgrades which should be appreciated. There is not much to explain about these upgrades as these are quite simple upgrades that were anticipated. Still, if you are thinking of buying a pair you must know all about their specs and features. Let’s have a brief look at the design, features, and battery life of these amazing  Air pods 2019.

Design and Build Quality

Apple Airpods Review 2019

Apple fans usually expect something new in the design but Apple kind of sticks to the basic design and introduce a few new noticeable upgrades to the old design. It is the same for the Wireless Apple Airpods. The first model was introduced with a charging box. The design was simple yet elegant more like traditional headphones with no wire.

The stem housing is now slightly longer for easy fitting in the battery. The small charging box can be easily carry around in which Airpods are being charged. The compact size is a main highlight of this Wireless Earphone. You can easily charge the charging box through a cable however, the charging of the box can also be done wireless like the other products and accessories from Apple.

So now instead of charging the box through cable, you just have to place the box on the wireless charging station and that’s it. The charging box will be charging wireless and the Air-pods will be charging wireless in the box. Yes, that surely is kind of cool. Moreover, there is a small indicating light on the charging box which turns green when the charging is complete and glows orange while charging. The internal specs are the same and there is no upgrade in sound quality or anything else which is kind of disappointing. Not that the sound quality of the previous version was not great but the fans always expect some improvement in all sections of the new product. However, there is a new chip from called H1 which comes built-in.

Special Features (View On Amazon)

Review Apple Airpods 2019

There is a new H1 chip which is basically an upgrade from the previous generation. Due to H1 chip, you can easily get a significant more talk time of 3 hours in a single charge. Moreover, the paring is quick and seamless. Siri is definitely there and you just have to say “Hey Siri” and you are good to go commanding Siri.

Voice recognizing functions can easily differentiate your voice from the noise around you. Just put the wireless charging station along with your other gadgets and you are good to go. There are basically two choices for you. You can buy New Airpods with the wireless charging case or you can buy it with the simple charging box. You can also buy only the wireless charging case separately.

Battery life

Apple Airpods 2019 Review

Battery life of 2019 Airpods is more significant as compare to any other wireless device. The new H1 chip enables you to get 3 hours of music listening time or 3 hours of talk time in just 15 minutes. The charging is quick enough as you can reach a 100 % battery from 25 % within an hour. With the full charge of the charging box, you can get up to 24 hours of battery life. The Airpods themselves last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Final Verdict

Airpods Apple 2019 with a few upgrades can still steal away the show there is a lot to appreciation. It still beat a lot of other wireless headphones from different manufacturers. There is no doubt, even small upgrades are good enough for Apple fans who will definitely love to try it. If you are happy with your previous generation and want to try a wireless charging case, you can get your hands on a wireless charging case for $79. It come with wireless charging case at $199 and with the simple charging case you can get it for $159.

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