Anker Soundcore Speaker Review

Anker Soundcore Speaker Review:

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker AmazonAnker is known for delivering the best electronic accessories. Today, we are going to write a detailed review about Anker Soundcore speaker. In the box, you will see a speaker and a small box. The small box will have a micro USB charging cable and the warranty information. Obviously, there will be a booklet with instructions describing product usage. It is not ugly and it looks really unique if placed in several other speakers. It is not a top quality speaker but we can say that it is a good speaker.


Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker USA

Anker Soundcore speaker is more like a small black rectangle. It is made up of soft plastic and the front side is covered with a grille. On the front side, the grille contains a logo of the company. Anker is also mentioned at the back side of the speaker. It is hereby informed that you can not wipe out the company’s name from soft plastic.

However, it is the only sign that differs these speakers from other speakers of the same design. All buttons are located at the top surface of speakers. All of these buttons are blend into the soft plastic. It gives a decent look but the company should have added some more functions as well. The design also contains a small LED light on the front side.

The LED light turns blue while pairing and connections. And the light turns red when its battery gets low. Due to the placement of drivers in the side, the LED light seems off center. Anker Soundcore Speaker is not durable but it has some solid performance. At this price, most of the speakers lack connectivity but Anker Soundcore speaker has above average connectivity.

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can connect your smartphones with speakers within 60 ft radius. The buttons located on the top surface works really fine. The buttons include play or pause music, power, Bluetooth, power up and power down buttons. On the right side of the speaker, you will see an AUX input and numerous other ports.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker CanadaThe best thing about Anker Soundcore speaker is that it can last for 24 hours with a constant playback, if fully charged. Let us discuss its sound quality, it’s sound quality is good. If we talk about volume, its lows are pretty good. Being a low-end speaker, it produces clean audio. The problem occurs with bass if you play some TV ads on Radio. Just like it is low, mids are really fine. At mids, the speaker produces smooth and nice audio. Obviously, at a high level, you will feel some harshness in the sound. But, if you lower the volume, everything will be fine.

Final Verdict

Anker Soundcore Speaker is no doubt one of the best speakers. You can get a high-end version for $50 only. The speakers produce a good quality of sound. It is a top quality speaker at this price. Moreover, its battery life is great, as it can last for almost 24 hours with a constant playback. Although it is not durable.

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