Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless Charger Review!

In case you don’t know Anker is popular for making Power Banks and Previously We have been reviewing the Anker’s products because of their high demand in the market. Anker is known for its reliability and durability. So, it is safe to say that you can trust Anker and its products. Now today we have come up with another Anker’s product that is in demand for quite some time. It is Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless Charger. Anker knows what they are doing with the battery and the power and their products won’t disappoint you. As usual, Anker has delivered the quality product with a low price tag.


As with basically every wireless charger you don’t get a lot of things in the box. The few things that come in the box is a user guide, warranty details and a micro USB cable that is pretty long and will be able enough for all kind of users. Sadly you don’t get Power adapter with this but this Wireless charger works perfectly with 5W, 10W adapters. keeping this in mind this wireless charger is not a fast wireless charger, and Anker’s Claim is not right, but still, it is pretty faster than its all competitors.


Anker PowerPort 5 wireless Cahrger CanadaWhen it comes to weight it is really light and not heavy at all, and it is super slim you can basically put it on your side table and it’ll blend in very nicely, you won’t even notice that it is there. The size of the Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless charger is very normal and subtle, it’s not too small nor too big. it fits on your desk easily and won’t even bother you. The color combination is again so impressive with the matte black finish and the signature Anker’s logo on it that gives it an elegant look.


Anker PowerPort 5 wireless Cahrger AmazonWireless charger irritates people a lot,  you have to place the phone exactly in the middle otherwise they won’t charge. But With extensive testing, we have come to the conclusion that Anker did overcome this problem you don’t need to place the phone exactly in the center, even if you place it on slightly to one side it will start charging. The connectivity of Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless charger is so impressive that it connects and starts charging even if your phone is held slightly in the air and not placed on it.

One of another problem is that wireless chargers won’t work with the cases well. Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless charger works well with pretty rugged hard cases. But it might not work with a rugged metal case because Wireless charger doesn’t work through metals. No need to worry if your case is not metal it will work perfectly with pretty hardcore rugged cases.

Final Verdict

To be honest, it is a very good product, it is cheap, durable and efficient, It forms a great company that is known for its chargers and other products, what else do you need in this price tag. It is an ultimate steal on Amazon.

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