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Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank lines up in a family of best Anker power banks released so far. This power bank can be regarded as one of the high capacity of portable power banks because of its jaw-dropping functionality.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a high capacity power bank at affordable prices. As well as, accessing the best power banks’ market is toilsome task.  Like most of the other Anker power banks, the Anker PowerCore 201000 power bank is an attractive package for you.

Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

So, I have just spent a few hours to collect the complete detail about this amazing power bank from Anker. So we will be having an in-depth review of the Power Core 20100 power bank. Let us get started with the power first.


As the name suggests that the power capacity of this portable Anker power bank will be good.  This portable charger contains a high range of power capacity. The power capacity of this portable charger is 20100mAh. So this is an amazing power ratio for you.

I think the power capacity of Anker PowerCore 201000 power bank is enough to charge smaller devices including smartphones. Moreover, it is also an ideal charger to charge some of the larger device such as tablets.

That said, let’s take a look at how much Output power capacity you’ll actually be receiving.

As a whole, the total output power capacity that you will be getting is 14,800mAh. This output power capacity can be used to charge your device. With such a high output capacity, you can just charge your Smartphone for about 4.5 times.

Moreover, with such a high-end capacity you can also charge your tablet. But the problem is that you can only charge your tablet once. Even though after charging a tablet, you will have enough power capacity to charge numerous other devices with Anker PowerCore 201000 power bank.

Anker PowerCore 20100 specifications:

The Anker PowerCore 20100 specifications are given below:

Output:2.4A Per Port | 4.8A Max Output
Input:2.0A via Micro USB Input
LED Power Indicators:Four-LED status system
Size:6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches
Weight:12.6 ounces
warranty18-month warranty

Anker PowerCore 20100: Output Charging:

As this power bank ranks in the list of best Anker power banks. Therefore, the charging from this Anker power bank will be of the best quality as compared to other power banks at the same price

One of the most depressing things about this power bank is that this power bank does not contain a Quick Charge feature. However, the charging ports of this portable power bank are enough powerful to deliver a perfect charging. It does not matter, which USB chargeable devices you are going to charge with it.

The reason behind the powerful charging system is that this power bank contains two USB ports. And each of them is having a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. The 2.4A charging speed has the ability to charge numerous devices having the No-Quick charge feature at their max power. Like most of the smartphone does not feature A Quick charge functionality, so it is ideal for them. As well as this Anker power bank has the ability to charge iPads at their max speed.

One of the best things about this power bank is that the max charging speed it delivers is 4.8A. This means that you can use both output ports at their max speed and at the same time as well. Keeping in view this functionality, we can easily put two iPads on charging at their max charging speeds.

Anker PowerCore 20100: Input Charging

Well, you will not find anything really interesting things in this section of the blog. Because the input charging system of Anker PowerCore 201000 power bank is not much impressive. Unlike various other best Anker power banks. It only features a single Micro USB input port that delivers a 5V/2.0A recharge speed. I just recommend you to use the Anker PowerPort 2 USB wall charger for recharging purposes.

Because the power port wall charger from Anker has some astonishing charging speed. Each of the charging port on PowerPort 2 wall charger is capable of delivering the charging speed of 5V/2.4A.

Anker PowerCore 20100: Design

In the market, there are very few power banks that are capable of delivering such a high-end design like Anker PowerCore 20100.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 contains a stunning design that you will love.  Such an illustrious design will just enhance your complete outfit. Unlike the Anker PowerCore 28600 PD, this power bank contains an impressive design.

Despite being a small-sized power bank, this power bank contains great features and with such compelling design, it becomes an attractive package for you.

Size and Weight:

While looking at the build quality of this band, it seems that this band is made up of some high-quality premium material. The matter finish of on its surface just enhances the overall look of Anker PowerCore 20100.

Just like other Anker power banks, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is not prone to fingerprints and smudges. However, the company proclaims something opposite to the above statement.

You all know that someone with a sweaty hands, when touches a surface like this, the smudges just appear aggressively. Keeping this thing in mind, this power bank from Anker is not a suitable product for people with sweaty palms.

A medium-sized Power Bank

Well if we take a look at the size of Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank. The power bank appears slim. Incredibly, the power bank will fit perfectly in your hand just like a normal smartphone.

Sure, I may have large hands but even for smaller hands, the power banks can absolutely be taken for a walk.

Let us get started with the weight of the power bank. The Anker PowerCore 20100 weighs nearly 12.6 ounces. The weight of this high-end power bank indicated that it belongs to the family of portable bands in the market. However, the weight of this band is acceptable and it perfectly matches the specifications this portable power bank is offering. If we take a look at the dimensions of this power bank. The Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank attains a length of 6.5 inches, a width of 2.3 inches and a thickness of nearly 0.9 inches. So this is a complete and perfect package for you.

Functional Components:

The upper surface of the charger comprises 4 LED lights that indicate the capacity of this charger. Each LED light indicates about 25% charging capacity. The best part about these LED lights is that they just enhance the overall appearance of the charger when turned on. The LED lights flash when the charger is charging a device or getting recharged.

In order to check the capacity of the charger, you can just utilize the power button. After pressing the power button, the LED lights will be turned and will turn off automatically after some time. So, It seems to be an amazing mechanism.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank contains a solid charging system. When the charging capacity of this power bank gets full, it automatically halts the charging process. So, it appears to be a marvelous mechanism for saving the outlet as well as the PowerCore. You can call it as a safety precaution.

The top side of this powerful power bank constitutes USB charging output as well as the MicroUSB input. The USB charging ports are placed one after the other. Moreover, the company has also added the poweriQ logo upon them. And, on the right side of the above-mentioned ports, there is a single Micro-USB input port.

This power bank is simple but it tends to be a perfect charger for you.  The company has precisely added everything including the ports, power button, and LEDs. Everything is in a perfect place where it should be. Moreover, you will have a perfect and smooth user experience.

Anker PowerCore 20100: Build

The build quality of Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank is one of the main pillars behind the superiority of this product.

It is not mentioned that this power bank is not a ruggedly constructed power bank. As of now, we cannot say anything about its resistant against the potential damages. However, this power bank might cause a little bit of potential damage or no damage at all, if fell on carpet fall.

Apparently, the Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank is made of two main body pieces that help this power bank to connect. While the rest of other things are constructed internally except the power button.

The overall design of this power bank looks solid. The is sides of this Anker power bank are tight and crafted precisely. Its design makes it fall in one of the best Anker power banks in the market.


One of the most amazing things about Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank is the well-organized ports.  Yes, whenever, you place a USB port into the charging ports, the ports hold each other strongly. Therefore, if you need to pull out the ports you need to put some effort. As a matter of fact these ports are splendid.

The ports are secure and reliable. Therefore you do not have to worry about the cables falling out of the power bank.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 appears to be a long-lasting power bank from Anker. This is one of the main features of a portable


The company proclaims that this power bank is reliable. The Anker PowerCore 20100 will charge your devices whenever the power of capacity of this band is higher than 25%.

And, this is probably due to the high capacity of Anker power bank. It does not matter what power capacity this power bank is having. The power bank will deliver the utmost charging feats. In total, 25% of 20,100mAh becomes 5025mAh, which is enough to charge your single smartphone. Moreover, the 25%of the charger is capable of filling  ¾ battery ration of an iPad. In this perspective, the charger seems to be a perfect fit.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 contains twp ports, that you can avail of for charging your multiple devices at the same time. So, if the power capacity of this Anker power bank is full then you can charge two devices at max charging speed and at the same time. It is an ideal charger for you if you want to travel with it or get tit with you for office use.

The power bank delivers on nearly all aspects of what you’d rely on a power bank to give you.

If we take a look at this power bank, as a whole, it is a great versatile power bank that you should buy.



The two ports of these Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank allow you to charge your devices at a charging speed of 2.4A max.

Whereas the recharge rate of this high capacity power bank is 2.0A. If we take a look at this power bank, it contains two charging ports, the power capacity, and the power, as a whole this power bank is a perfect fit to be used anywhere.


The Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank contains a flat cylindrical design. The slim and sleek design of this band keeps it in the list of best Anker power banks. Moreover, it is quite simple to carry this power bank with you. And, it is much easier for you to access and notice all prominent features of Anker PowerCore 20100.

As the USB charging ports are being placed one after the other and the power button is placed on the side makes it a versatile power bank. Moreover, the LED lights located on the top surface of the power bank indicates about the power capacity of Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank.


The build quality of this portable power bank is good and solid. All of its components are made up of fine quality material. The matte finish of this Anker power bank is astonishing. Moreover, the connection of USB charging ports is very firm.

The charger appears to be fine masterpiece if all components are put together.


Reliability is one of the main basis behind the popularity and demand of these Anker power banks. The best part about this power bank is that it allows you to charge two devices at the same time and at max charging speed.

Despite offering the fast charging service, this power bank is capable of delivering fast charging speed continuously. It is all due to its high power capacity. The power bank is known for providing constant and fast charging.


Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank is a typical power bank that is specially designed for delivering high charging speed. As well as, it is one of the best Anker power banks that deliver fast charging because of its high power capacity.  The enormous capacity of this band differs it from other Anker Power Banks.

Being in the list of best Anker Power banks, the Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank offers premium quality components.

Moreover, with such an amazing and elegant design, this power bank belongs to the most reliable and elegant Anker power banks.

Well if you are searching to get some high power Anker power bank then this one is a perfect choice for you.

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