Anker PowerCore 10000 Quick Charger 3.0 Power Bank Review

Looking to buy a Power Bank? Well, Anker has the best products for you available in the market, which satisfies your need efficiently and durably. Anker made it possible to deliver economical products without compromising on the quality. Today we are going to take a look at Anker PowerCore 10000 with Quick Charge 3.0.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Amazon USAAs the name suggests it has 10000 mAh capacity which is pretty insane considering the size of it. We can safely say that this is the smallest 10000mAh Power Bank. What’s incredible is that it is almost half the size of an iPhone 6 yet it has the capacity of charging an iPhone 6 more than three times in just one charge. Anyway, Long story short, It is very compact and light and easily fits in your pocket.


Anker PowerCore 10000 Amazon CanadaWhen it comes to design it is pretty straight forward. It has just a hard plastic body with Anker branded on it. It has the LED on the top right corner to indicate the power level of the power bank itself. There is a button on one side of the power bank that we can click and hold to turn the  LED lights on to check the power level or to start charging.  On the bottom, it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB port. It also has the input port on the bottom to charge it. Anker PowerCore 10000 comes with its own Micro USB cable, not a generic one. It comes with a squishy mesh kind of carrying pouch so if it ever falls down it won’t be damaged because it has pretty good padding.


Performance is the most important factor in purchasing a Power Bank. After repeatedly testingAnker PowerCore 10000 it is confirmed that it takes 6 hours to fully charge it. This is made possible by Anker’s exclusive Power IQ technology. The 10000mAh battery gives you about three to four full charges on an average Cellphone Device. We can safely say that it takes 30-35 minutes in charging 1810mah battery of an iPhone 6 up to 80%. So, we have conducted a detailed test on different devices and results are given below.

Xiaomi Mi A1:

Battery Size: 3080 mAh

0-80% : 60 Minutes (1h)

0-100% : 80 Minutes (1h 20m)

Apple iPhone 7:

Battery Size: 1960 mAh

0-80% : 50 Minutes

0-100% : 70 Minutes (1h 10m)

Apple iPad Mini 4:

Battery Size: 5124 mAh

0-80% : 160 Minutes (2h 40m)

0-100% : 200 Minutes (3h 20m)

Final Verdict:

After thoroughly testing Anker PowerCore 10000 we have come to a conclusion that it is one hundered percent worth the price. In other words it is an absolute steal on Amazon and worth every penny. I have completely been satisfied the experience, the design the performance is astonishingly  tremendous.

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