Amazon UTO Backpack Purse Specifications and Review

Amazon UTO Backpack Purse Specifications

Amazon UTO Backpack Purse is available in couple of leather colors Grey, Black, Brown and new blush color.

If you like small to medium bags than UTO purse is best for you. Let’s talk about pockets there is a front flap pocket which is large enough to hold your mobile and essential like passport etc.

The front pocket is magnet enclosure which increases it’s beauty. There is another pocket in front which is zipper pocket that is located above the magnet enclosure pocket. This pocket is also a large enough pocket to hold mobile and other stuff like, lotion bottle, cosmetic box etc.

There are double side pockets meaning both sides have same pocket. In these pockets you can keep your water bottle, snacks or anything like that. Because safety is not provided on these two pockets we recommend not to put mobile phone here.

Amazon UTO Backpack Purse Specifications and ReviewLets talk about the back side, you can find awesome backpack strips which are really comfortable specially when you carrying much stuff. The strips are made of pure leather and can be adjusted according to your shoulder size.

The back surface is plain no extra sweat observer offered here. But you can find a very secure back zipper pocket here, you can keep highly safety items like cash money, expensive phone or any small sized document here.

Amazon UTO Backpack Purse Review

Main Compound

In the main compartment you can find 2 back zipper pockets and a small compound in between 2 back zippers. There is a main compound where you can place large stuff like, laptop, tablet, iPad, cloths etc.

There are two more pockets on other side both are not zipper, you can put lipstick, chapstick, etc here.

Amazon UTO Backpack Purse Specifications

The UTO Backpack Purse can be used as a backpack or purse you can also find a carrying handle right at the top of it so you can carry it like briefcase as well.

The bag is made of pure leather and high quality zippers are placed on the pockets. More over the double line stitches makes it one of the finest and durable lady backpack. If you are really impressed you can Buy Amazon UTO Backpack Purse available at discounted price for your choice.

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