Amazon Religious Content – Mistakenly Pulled Ads Explained by Amazon

Amazon Religious Content

You might know that ad business of the world’s largest online store, Amazon is increasing day by day. But, this rapid growth is also responsible for unintentional damages. Recently, it is reported that Amazon staffer has wrongly removed ads that contain religious content.

The company explained to sellers that a “policy update” had banned promos for products “related to a specific religion.” One of Amazon’s spokesperson proclaimed that there is no change in the policies, in fact, the online store is trying to implement some “corrective training”.

It is yet to clear that how workers have guessed that a policy change is going to occur. Ad policies bar of Amazon added that “advocates or demeans” a religion. But, it does not prevent the selling of religious materials.

What Amazon has Done

Removing ads have done some significant damage to a small portion of sellers. Obviously, Ads really means a lot on Amazon’s store. As most of the sales are done through these vital ads. No doubt, these vital ads provide the best visibility of the company’s product even outside of Amazon’s own recommendations. For success, a lot of companies are dependent on ad system of Amazon. Obviously, a small mistake can lead to a huge loss or damage.

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