Amazon is backing Uber Eats rival Deliveroo in the UK

Late in 2018, the restaurant delivery services of Amazon in the Uk ended. Because the company was unable to compete with its arch-rival like Deliveroo. As the company fails to give a tough competition to its rival in the UK. It has planned to join Deliveroo as its largest investor, particularly for funding purposes.

It is reported that Uber is willing to raise almost $575 million. However, Deliveroo does not know that how much Amazon was funding its former rival. Well, being the largest investor, we will be more excited to see how much tech giant inspires the service by spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back in 2014, Amazon has launched its restaurant delivery service in the US. Nearly, after two years the company has introduced its services in the UK as well. Although, the company was not able to get a good response in the UK. Therefore, after a couple of years, the company ended up its services in the UK.

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Still, the company thinks that it can much profit from the food delivery industry by offering improved services. According to reports, Amazon has tried several times to buy Deliveroo.

Apparently, Deliveroo is planning to utilize the money that it raises from the funding round. The company is keen to expand itself to new areas and attract more users towards it. The company also plans to introduce some new products for providing a personalized experience and for helping its partners to grab more customers.

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