Adobe warns Creative Cloud users with older apps of legal problems

It is to be notified that Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, who have not updated their Adobe apps, need to check out their inboxes. In a mail sent to customers, the company has warned its customers of being “at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties”. The company stated that if the customers have not updated their CC apps including Photoshop and Lightroom, then they might be a risk of getting infringement claim by third parties.

The emails also pointed out all old applications that are installed on a particular subscriber’s computer. While in some cases, the company just pointed out the latest versions available right now. The company responded to a customer complaint on Twitter and said that for now, the users can only download the latest versions of both Photoshop and Lightroom apps.

A spokesperson stated in an interview:

“Adobe recently discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications. Customers using those versions have been notified that they are no longer licensed to use them and were provided guidance on how to upgrade to the latest authorized versions. However, the spokesperson said Adobe can’t comment on claims of third-party infringement, as it concerns ongoing litigation.”

However, the company is yet to clarify that on what lawsuit that forced it to deliver warning emails to its customers. Apparently, the company is bound to maintain a report on sales of products and send it to Dolby technologies. Adobe is also obliged to pay the agreed-upon royalty fees.

According to documents submitted in court, Adobe is being accused of selling products that are using Dolby’s technology. Even, Adobe did not pay for using its technology. Moreover, Adobe has refused to provide the information required to carry a significant audit of its books. Meanwhile, Adobe proclaimed that  “Adobe does not agree with Dolby’s characterization of the issues concerning its audit of Adobe’s past use of its software.”

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